Telescope Performance Verification
with IRTC at LFBG - 16-17 May 2009 MST

Observers:: D.Thompson, J.Heidt (mtn)
Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski
Software Support: C. Biddick (phone)
Telescope Support: T. Shih, J. Little


Lost major fraction of the night to weather (clouds). Open only 23:15-01:58.

Ran one large offset test (one guide star, with cyclical REL RADEC offsets between five on-axis sources). Offsets spanned the range of 170-300 arcsec. Results were qualitatively consistent with other AGw tests.


OSS restarted to see if we can preset on the first try...
Preset closed dome (before sunset) ACQUIRE mode to test
18:47:42.472 pointto M5_1246 gs=0 Tel="ACQUIRE" PA=0 PAM-
Everything worked. 18:50 ready to go!

Set LBTO account back to using the "official" LBTtools package. The uparm directory is still on /scratch/uparm.


Clouds on radar at sunset too close to open. Active thunderstorms to the east.

Not able to set the exposure time on the IRTC again. This happened the other night and I just logged out and then back in, but tonight this did not work. If I manually send an irc SetIRParam 2000000 100000 command from an xterm, I get back irc -> SetIRParam: Invalid command message. Get/SetIRParam don't work, but everything else seems to be fine.

23:15 Storms have cleared off enough...opening dome.
Tair = 8.5 Tm1glass=10.0 RH=51.2 Wind 0-8 m/s

23:20:20.882 pointto WT10_211 ACQUIRE mode. IE now -56, CA -5

23:23:45.156 pointto LongOff5L gs=35 PA=353
Seeing is poor, 1.5-3.5 arcsec on the guider.

23:33:02 MST started LongOff5L script, encountered error.

23:35:27.301 pointto LongOff5L gs=35 PA=353 for a clean restart
LongOff5L loop=1
Start: 063646 0002_cube End: 064244 0006_cube

064637 0007_cube for sky subtraction

23:47:55.687 pointto LongOff5L gs=35 PA=353 for a clean restart
LongOff5L loop=10
Start: 064904 0008_cube End: 080151 0056_cube
Star #40 (poisition 5) is missing from the first loop.

01:03:37.187 pointto LongOff5M gs=51 PA=355
01:06:13.058 ACQUIRE mode to correct pointing here...IE=-36, CA=2
Seeing poor, lost guiding. Guide star is too faint (14.07m) for these poor seeing conditions. Going back to StoneL

01:11:16.429 pointto LongOff5L gs=35 PA=353 ... no guide star
01:13:26.308 pointto WT10_211 ACQUIRE - IE=-85, CA=5
01:15:31.671 pointto LongOff5L gs=35 PA=353
01:17:47.912 pointto LongOff5L gs=35 PA=14 (to use a different PA from the last set)
LongOff5L loop=10
Start: 082105 0057_cube End: 085739 0081_cube

01:58 Closing...clouds coming in from the SE. Seeing is getting worse.

-- DavidThompson - 15 May 2009
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