Telescope and AGw4 Commissioning at LDG - 10-11 May 2009 MST

Observers:: J. Hill (mtn), A. Rakich (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: W. Wack
Software Support:
Telescope Support: J. Little


Sky is photometric again, but seeing not quite as good as last night.

Had some minor problems with telescope/software. Less than half hour lost in total.

Took some more "true" kilohertz vibration data with IRTC.

Repeated calibration data for all Zernike terms Z4 through Z22. Figured out the sign flips for GCS, and used Z12-Z21 corrections for active optics.

Took a small set of additional AGW transformation data in the Stone L field (can supplement the good data from last night).

Verified Coma-free rotation is actually coma-free.

Found what we think is the last sign flip (was actually an extra sign flip) in IDL and GCS. Verified it on-sky with IDL, but need a patch to GCS tomorrow.



19:33 pointto M5_1246 Tel="ACQUIRE" PAM- gs=0 - just outside the acq field

Hit some wrong key and lost 40 minutes of my wiki log. Nothing much interesting happened. Seeing improved from 1 to 0.5 arcsec. We found that gs=5 of M5_0444 does not exist (the coordinates are wrong).

IE=-47 CA=+6

Vibration Data

20:10 pointto M5_0444 Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=INDEF gs=3 - seeing varies 0.6 to 0.9 arcsec.

Running active optics in split mode. Anemometer on DX2 M2 swing arm is deployed. Beware that these cubes still have the 20090510 date prefix. Guider is taking 2100 ms exposures with an effective guide rate of 0.32 Hz. EL=72 deg.

20:24 takeseq 0.0008 3000 in 32x32 subframe - 1032 Hz irtc.20090511.032444.fits cube 0057

20:32 takeseq 0.0008 3000 in 32x32 subframe - 1032 Hz irtc.20090511.033222.fits cube 0058

20:40 takeseq 0.0008 3000 in 32x32 subframe - 1032 Hz irtc.20090511.033959.fits cube 0059

20:47 takeseq 0.0008 3000 in 32x32 subframe - 1032 Hz irtc.20090511.034731.fits cube 0060

I strongly suspect that irc has a timing bug for these subframe images. The data cube seems to be written to disks after 2.5 minutes, but irc doesn't return for ~7 minutes.

20:55 takeseq 0.0008 3000 in full frame - 65 Hz - irtc.20090511.035545.fits cube 0061

In fact, for the full frame cube the time allotted isn't quite enough, and the irc command returns an error about 20 sec before the frame is written to disk.

Applied Zernike Calibrations

21:07 Block sending Zernikes to PSF on GCSGUI

21:08 Send Z4=+1000 during wfsc 0088 (GCS is asking for -1000 Z4)

21:11 Send Z4=-1000 during wfsc 0093

21:13 Send Z5=+1000 during wfsc 0097

21:15 Send Z5=-1000 during wfsc 0100

21:17 Send Z6=+1000 during wfsc 0103

21:18 Send Z6=-1000 during wfsc 0106

21:20 Send Z7=+1000 during wfsc 0109

21:22 Send Z7=-1000 during wfsc 0112

21:xx Send Z8=+1000 during wfsc 0115

21:25 Send Z8=-1000 during wfsc 0118

21:26 Turn on collimation for wfsc 0121

Andrew reports that IDL and GCS are not agreeing on the focus correction by a significant factor.

21:29 Block collimation for wfsc 0125

21:31 Send Z9=+300 during wfsc 0127

21:31 Send Z9=-300 during wfsc 0130

21:34 Send Z10=+300 during wfsc 0133

21:36 Send Z10=-300 during wfsc 0136

21:37 Send Z11=+500 during wfsc 0139

21:39 Send Z11=-500 during wfsc 0142

21:41 Send Z12=+500 during wfsc 0145

21:41 Send Z12=-500 during wfsc 0148

21:44 Turn on collimation for wfsc 0151

21:47 Block collimation for wfsc 0155

21:48 Send Z13=+500 during wfsc 0157

21:50 Send Z13=-500 during wfsc 0160

21:52 Send Z14=+500 during wfsc 0163

21:53 Send Z14=-500 during wfsc 0166

21:55 Turn on collimation for wfsc 0168.

Block collimation on wfsc 0173

21:59 Send Z15=+500 during wfsc 0174

22:01 Send Z15=-500 during wfsc 0177

22:03 Turn on collimation for wfsc 0180.

Block collimation on wfsc 0182

22:03 Stop to adjust rotation factor from 180 deg to 175 deg in IDL. Seeing is worse. ~1 arcsec

22:06 Send Z15=+500 during wfsc 0184

22:07 Stop to adjust rotation factor from 175 deg to 185 deg in IDL. LEFTZEROPOINT = +5.5 deg

22:07 Send Z15=-500 during wfsc 0187

22:09 Send Z16=+500 during wfsc 0190

22:10 Send Z16=-500 during wfsc 0193

22:12 Send Z17=+500 during wfsc 0196

22:12 Send Z17=-500 during wfsc 0199

22:15 Turn on collimation for wfsc 0201.

What was the spurious 1400 nm of focus?

Block collimation on wfsc 0204

22:19 Send Z18=+500 during wfsc 0207

22:21 Send Z18=-500 during wfsc 0210

22:23 Send Z19=+500 during wfsc 0213

22:24 Send Z19=-500 during wfsc 0216

22:26 Send Z20=+500 during wfsc 0219

22:28 Send Z20=-500 during wfsc 0222

Turn on collimation for wfsc 0224.

22:34 Block collimation for wfsc 0231

edit WFS_rotAngleOffs 185.0 in AIP_IRTC_DG_L.cfg

22:35 Send Z22=+300 during wfsc 0233

22:37 Send Z22=-300 during wfsc 0236

22:39 Send Z22=-300 during wfsc 0239

22:40 Send Z22=+300 during wfsc 0242

22:42 Send Z21=+500 during wfsc 0245

22:44 Send Z21=-500 during wfsc 0248

Finish this experiment with wfsc 0249 0250

22:45 Stop WFSing, Stop Guiding.

22:46 selectAGW AIP_IRTC_DG_L.cfg

22:47 pointto M5_0444 Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=INDEF gs=3 - running collimation starting with wfsc 0251

22:53 Block collimation for wfsc 0257

22:55 Send Z9=+500 during wfsc 0260

22:58 Turn on collimation corrections for wfsc 0265.

Edit AIP_IRTC_DG_L.cfg to turn on the higher order coefficients Andrew predicts flipping of Z13, Z14,Z16, Z18, Z21.

23:09 Stop Guiding; selectAGW AIP_IRTC_DG_L.cfg

23:11 pointto M5_0444 Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=INDEF gs=3 - collimating with Z4-Z22 starting at wfsc 0279, But why didn't this take a WFS image?

23:14 press startWFSing didn't help. Image didn't arrrive within timeout.

23:16 stop and restart GCS. selectAGW

23:17 pointto M5_0444 Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=INDEF gs=3 wfsc 0282 is the first high order send.

Andrew's score is reduced to 80% - it looks like we should have flipped Z20 instead of Z21.

23:29 stopGuiding selectAGW AIP_IRTC_DG_L.cfg, clearC00

23:30 pointto M5_0444 Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=INDEF gs=3 wfsc 0292 is the first one

Seeing was a little worse in wfsc 0303 -0304, and we got some noise in Z14, Z16, Z18, Z20.

Z12 is oscillating 0.000000 -4.241804 0.000000 16.895950 4.102227 -14.289094 20.030108 8.163569 25.281769 0.000000 0.000000 -3.662191 -36.202886

23:45 Setting none mode- tracking dropped out. Lost 8 minutes.

23:50 pointto M5_0444 Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=INDEF gs=3 wfsc 0309 is the first one - seeing is 0.7 to 0.8 arcsec at EL=45 deg. The first correction put in alot of Z14 - it looks like the sign of Z14 is wrong.

23:54 Stop WFS - Lower gains on Z12, Z13 to -1.7. Flip the signs of Z14, 15. selectAGW..... Andrew's score is reduced to 60%.

# this file sets the scale factors and or offsets for every Zernike mode depending on the used RM and the WFS sensor -- scale from 09NOV08 DLM, Z22 alone 13NOV08 JMH
# reversed sign of Z5, Z8, Z10 for initial Direct Gregorian, 04MAY09 JMH
# reversed sign of Z13, Z15, Z16, Z18, Z20  for high order test at Direct Gregorian 11MAY09 JMH/AR
# lowered Z22 gain from -1.6 to -0.4 to apply it slowly, 06 MAY09 JMH
scale_Z4	-1.50	double
scale_Z5	-1.70	double
scale_Z6	-1.60	double
scale_Z7	-1.40	double
scale_Z8	-1.40	double
scale_Z9	 1.70	double
scale_Z10	 1.70	double
scale_Z11	-1.3	double
scale_Z12	-1.70	double
scale_Z13	-1.70	double
scale_Z14	-1.45	double
scale_Z15	-1.45	double
scale_Z16	4.35	double
scale_Z17	3.60	double
scale_Z18	2.5	double
scale_Z19	2.5	double
scale_Z20	1.6	double
scale_Z21	1.6	double
scale_Z22	-0.4	double

These DG sign reversals only apply to GCS, not IDL. (because IDL is flipping the image and reversing Doug's angle)

move to StoneL field

23:58 pointto StoneLagw Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=INDEF gs=0 (Wayne induced a spurious IE correction at the start of guiding.) starting at wfsc 0313. Now we are nicely dialing out the spurious Z14 from having the sign reversed.

00:06 takeseq 1.5 30 (IRTC looking at the back of the guide probe, another one later)

00:15 Send Z16=+500 during wfsc 0330 (sign is correct, gain is about half)

00:19 Send Z17=+500 during wfsc 0334 (sign is correct, gain is about half)

00:21 Send Z18=+500 during wfsc 0337 (sign is correct)

00:21 Send Z19=+500 during wfsc 0339 (sign is correct)

00:25 pointto StoneLagw Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=0 gs=24

00:26 offset 30 30 (DETXY)

00:28 takeseq 1.5 30 (really on blank sky - as blank as you can be in StoneL) irtc.20090511.072807.fits cube 0063.

00:30 offset 0 0

AGW Transformation Data

00:34 cl < Seeing is 0.7 arcsec # AGW transformation star script for Stone L field

transtar (35) irtc.20090511.073511.fits cube 0064

transtar (31) preset failed - Mon May 11 00:36:19.028 2009 Preset alert for left IRTC mode ACTIVE: ERROR: No such command. cube 0065 is bogus

transtar (35) preset crashed PCS. cube 0066 is bogus.

00:41 Wayne restarts PCS. Lost 5 minutes.

00:42 pointto StoneLagw Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=0 gs=31

00:44 cl < again

Remember that the cubes have 20090510 in the names. These cubes are 1.5 sec x 30. PSF is in split mode.

# AGW transformation star script for Stone L field
# These stars are for PA=0
transtar (35) irtc.20090511.074558.fits cube 0067
transtar (31)
transtar (35)
transtar (21)
transtar (19)
transtar (15)
transtar (13)
transtar (9)
transtar (6)
transtar (5)
transtar (10)
transtar (24)
transtar (30)
transtar (36)
transtar (42)
transtar (35) irtc.20090511.081950.fits cube 0082

IRTC - AGW4 Focus Measurement

01:23 cl < (with 1.5 sec x 30 cubes) --- Oops - forgot to stop WFSing.

01:28 stopWFSing

01:29 cl < (with 1.5 sec x 30 cubes) This data looks like it has been overwhelmed with seeing variations. Seeing has be varying from 0.7 to 1.0 arcsec during the data collection. The one thing that we can say was that the last two points were definitely worse because they have a donut look to them.

moveOPE M2 X=0.0 Y=0.0 Z=0.045 RX=0.0 RY=0.0 RZ=0.0 ABS+ Magic- irtc.20090511.082930.fits cube 0084
moveOPE M2 X=0.0 Y=0.0 Z=0.030 RX=0.0 RY=0.0 RZ=0.0 ABS+ Magic- irtc.20090511.083108.fits cube 0085
moveOPE M2 X=0.0 Y=0.0 Z=0.015 RX=0.0 RY=0.0 RZ=0.0 ABS+ Magic- irtc.20090511.083242.fits cube 0086
moveOPE M2 X=0.0 Y=0.0 Z=0.000 RX=0.0 RY=0.0 RZ=0.0 ABS+ Magic- irtc.20090511.083407.fits cube 0087
moveOPE M2 X=0.0 Y=0.0 Z=-0.015 RX=0.0 RY=0.0 RZ=0.0 ABS+ Magic- irtc.20090511.083547.fits cube 0088
moveOPE M2 X=0.0 Y=0.0 Z=-0.030 RX=0.0 RY=0.0 RZ=0.0 ABS+ Magic- irtc.20090511.083755.fits cube 0089
moveOPE M2 X=0.0 Y=0.0 Z=-0.045 RX=0.0 RY=0.0 RZ=0.0 ABS+ Magic- irtc.20090511.083938.fits cube 0090
(it failed taking its own sky frame.)

01:50 pointto StoneMagw Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=0 gs=55 - couldn't move probe there.

01:53 pointto StoneMagw Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=0 gs=51 - no star found

01:55 pointto M5_1469 Tel="ACQUIRE" PAM- PA=0 gs=0 - star very comatic, we must have had leftover mispointing from when my focus script crashed. Even after clearing active optics, this star has alot of coma. Initializing the secondary collimation table cleared things up. Adjust IE=-53 CA=+11

02:10 pointto StoneMagw Tel="ACTIVE" PAM+ PA=0 gs=51

Coma-free Rotation Test

02:20 Will test how coma free our "Coma Free Rotation" is.

Well collimated at wfsc389, now putting in some tip in 2" steps up to 22"...

Coma didn't change noticeably. Now going to a far off-axis star in Stone M (GS 38) at a field angle of 86 in PM coordinates, and rolling in 22" of tilt. Should see astigmatism and focus grow and coma stay constant.

This happened, ended up with about 450 nm of astigmatism and 500 nm of focus for a 2mm M2 decentre. Z7 and Z8 hardly changed.

3:10 At an extreme Y on GS 38 Stone M we collimated and converged to WFSC 451, collimation is remarkably stable tonight too.

Off-axis Field Aberration Test

Then we sent a preset with a delta PA of 30 degrees, giving us a -95 mm X, and the WFS values jumped badly. See WFSC 452. (These from GCS, so in GCS daily images).

We went back and collimated on Y (WFSC 457-459) then preset to the same star with a -30 PA delta (PA=-313), @+ 95 mm X, our first WFSC image is again aberrated (WFSC 461).

Converged with GCS here (WFSC 461-465) then went back onto the Y axis on the same star, first image WFSC 466-469. On the Y axis IDL and GCS agree with each other.

Went back to a PA of 313.44 (-30 PA delta), this time watching both GCS and IDL numbers closely.

GCS and IDL agree and both are wrong. Speculating that the factor that rotates corrects for the camera rotation at non-zero X has the wrong sign. John can change that in IDL but not GCS. Have flipped the sign of ZERN_ROT_DEL (in the usage, not the printout) in IDL and now will test.

4:00 Testing the parameter change, collimating on GS 38 Stone M on the Y axis, then will turn off "Zernikes to PSF" and preset with a delta PA of 30 and see if IDL has a jump in aberration. Last collimation WFSC 506, 94 nm Z4-Z22.

4:02 Moved off axis with delta PA -30. WFSC 507 shows a big jump in IDL and GCS and they both still agree with each other pretty well, but they're both wrong. Put ZERN_ROT_DEL back to its original state.

4:05 Tried again, but failed. Trying a new parameter - reversing the sign of "Field Angle Delta". Collimated on the Y axis WFSC 517, going back to PA delta of -30.

4:10 Success! IDL now has no collimation jump (GCS still sees rubbish). "Field angle delta" in IDL = "FLD angle" in GCS. Changing FLD angle in GCS presents difficulties, as this parameter (_pupil_shift_x) is being used to flip two things. Requires a patch to GCS.

4:25. Collimated on Y axis (wfsc 525) Now moving off axis to PA +13 (delta +30 PA). AGain, IDL is now giving good results and GCS rubbish, as expected.


04:35 Close

-- JohnHill - 11 May 2009
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AIP_IRTC_DG_L_RM_sub11.cfgcfg AIP_IRTC_DG_L_RM_sub11.cfg manage 1 K 13 May 2009 - 22:42 JohnHill Configuration files with Zernike scale factors
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