Telescope and AGw Commissioning at LFBG with IRTC - 09-10 April 2009 MST

Observers: A. Rakich (Tucson) with J. Hill (warmup act)
Telescope Operator: DGonzalez Huerta
Telescope Support:
SW Support:


Initial bugs with IRTC, resolved. (IRAF software to blame).

Got a set of data for Jesper, mostly in sub-arcsecond seeing.

Closed for wind and cloud around midnight.


18:30 John turned on telemetry in PMCL per Tony's request.

18:42 Stopped and restarted GCS and GUIs. Torsten has made a new version of GCS and GCSGUI today.

18:45 Rebooted IRTC windows machine.



18:50 Open dome - T=+0.4 degC, D=-12.6, Scattered Cirrus. Primary mirror at +4.7 degC.

18:59 pointto M5_0269 ACQUIRE gs=0 PAM- but still a bit too bright

19:04 pointto M5_0269 TRACK - found star on IRTC on first step of the spiral search. Adjust IE=-23 CA=-54 Zglobal=+0.8.

19:09 pointto M5_0269 gs=1 ACTIVE PA=INDEF=69.94 - couldn't find guide star in bright sky

19:12 pointto M5_0269 gs=2 ACTIVE PA=INDEF=210.37 - identified false guide star in bright sky and missed real star.

19:14 pointto M5_0269 TRACK - increase Zglobal to +1.0 mm

19:16 pointto M5_0269 gs=2 ACTIVE PA=INDEF=210.37 - got the star this time. Sky still bright.

19:30 pointto M67astrom GS34 ACTIVE

19:40 pointo m67 gs 0 acquire, set IE=-24.5 CA=-40.5

20:00 IRTC burped. Tried resetting it, rebooting it etc. Finally closed the camera gui, had to use TASKMANAGER, and things started working again

20:05 preset back to M5_0269 to verify IRTC performance before taking JesperData

20:20 all set up and traking data IE =-19 , CA =-42

20:30 turns out that adjusting pointing on M67 led to getting hte wrong star on axis, so have gone to a nearby pointing star and readjusted IE= -29.5 CA -49

20:38 going back to M67, taking a sequence to verify on axis looks alright.

20:39 GS35 single image 34339 cube #2

20:52 John arrives, pointing was bad, resetting on GS 0 it seems clear which star is which in the middle of M67 actually. IE=-17 CA=-47

20:54 GS 35 cube 3 image # 35456

21:00 troubleshooting IRTC, not able to set exposure times with in getseq, turns out an "s" was missing from "SetParams" so we were getting 1 ms exposures, fixing now.

JMH: Andrew seems to be using PA=10 for this data.

21:05 fixed taking new cube #6 single image 40418 on GS34

21:10 new cube #7 single image (SI) 41016 on GS35

21:13 new cube #8 SI = 41231 GS27

going to stop noting time for now:

GS28 cube#9 SI = 41433

GS2 failed at this PA (PA=10) as did GS5, out of range of probe

GS22 cube #10 SI = 42125

GS 19 cube # 11 SI=42503

GS 20 cube 12 SI=42925 forgot to do getdat I think

GS 21 cube 14 SI= 43317 did getdat

GS 20 cube 15 SI=43525 did getdat

GS 18 cube 16 SI=43731 did getdat

GS 77 cube 18 SI=44151 did getdat possibly found wrong star here

maybe lost trak of things starting afresh from here...

GS 68 cube 19 SI= 44531 did getdat guiding a little erratic

GS 49 cube 20 SI=44733 did getdat

GS 80 cube 21 SI=45111 did getdat

GS 10 cube 22 SI=45323 did getdat

GS 82 cube 23 SI=45535 did getdat

going on axis to readjust pointing IE=-18.5 CA= -57.5

GS 31 cube 24 SI=50103 did getdat

GS 75 cube 25 SI=50319 did getdat

GS 42 but Sextractor found wrong star (brighter one further out)

GS 50 cube 26 SI=50741 did getdat

GS 8 cube 27 SI=51004 did getdat

GS 90 but found wrong star, much brighter one further out

GS 87 cube 28 SI=51344 did getdat

GS 75 cube 29 SI=51633 did getdat

GS 61 cube 30 SI = 52012 did getdat

GS 71 cube preset failed

GS 88 cube 31 SI=52354 did getdat

GS 30 cube 32 SI=52615 did getdat

GS 63 cube 33 SI=52844 did getdat

going back on axis to readjust pointing IE= -11 , CA= -65

GS 21 cube 34 SI=53607 did getdat

GS 31 cube 35 SI=53854 did getdat

GS 52 cube 36 SI=54108 did getdat just noticed that I'd been "uparrowing" on getxy instead of getdat of the last 5 or 6 stars, will re-do

GS 31 cube 37 SI=54350 did GETDAT

GS 21 cube 38 SI= 54626 did getdat

GS 63 cube 39 SI = 54851 did getdat

GS 30 cube 40 SI = 55057 did getdat

took extra cube by mistake... gives us a chance to collimate while I wait...

we reached 45 Zenith Angle

GS 88 clouds blow our guidestar

GS 49 cube 42 SI= 55632 did getdat through quite a lot of cloud

GS 27 cube 43 SI= 60033 did getdat through even more cloud, 1.5" image

11:35 getting cloudy, going to Arcturus to see if we can get vibration data through the cloud. wind around 15 m/s.

12:00 sight Acturus intermittently @ 2 s exposures, wind picking up, closing for wind and cloud.


-- JohnHill - 10 Apr 2009
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