March BG Com Night 6, March 11-12 2009 MST

Observers: John Hill, Andrew Rakich, Richard Green
Lucifer support: Volker Knierim
Telescope Operator: Aaron Ceranski
SW Support: Torsten Leibold
Telescope Support:


Closed for all of the night due to clouds.


Based on Doug's analysis of last night's pupil images, we have updated the WFS_lenslet_edge x-y values in AIP_L.cfg to be 394.95, 227.15 pixels.

We sent a few test presets. After that, the main excitement was a story about almost killing a duck. (You'll have to ask Andrew to learn why almost killing a duck was such a trauma.)


Re-Measure AGW-PCS Transformation (2hr per field; Storm, Thompson):

  • Prerequisites:
    LUCIFER accurately oriented on sky
    (PA=0 requested yields PA=0.00+/-0.02)
  • Use source list: (it has been modified to include this field)
  • Pointto M67astrom at PA=0
  • New finding charts attached to this wiki page:
  • Measure:
    1. Take LUCIFER rotator center data (30s ea, TRACK mode, PA=0, 180, 90, 270) (done on 20090311 UT)
    2. Observe multiple (~20) guide stars at PA=0, some repeats
    3. Repeat field at PA=15, significant fraction of stars from previous step
    4. Do two stars at PA=70, 50, 30, 10, -10, -30, -50, -70, different radii
  • Record:
    1. Date and time of observation
    2. 30s LUCIFER image, filename
      (may need J or narrow band for bright stars, coadds)
    3. Star number observed, acquisition image for this preset
    4. PCS XY coordinates
    5. AGW XY and encoder values

Field Aberration Measurements

Persson's Star =
Start time =

Guide Star x y PA Doug's Angle wfscimage000*
- 0 612.5 0 9 1-3
6 0 520.0 43 273 4-6
- 0        
- 0        
- 0        
- 0        
- 0        
- 0        
- 0        

End time =

Pupil Measurements

Please check that the optics alignment remains OK with the pupil viewer in LUCIFER.

  • Alignment of chief ray to LUCIFER pupil with M3 (Andrew, Walter, John, 2 hours)
    • Point to bright star
    • Insert LUCIFER pupil viewer
    • Take Pupil image
    • Offset rotator 180 deg
    • Take Pupil image
    • Iterate M3 tip-tilt to minimize the pupil motion
    • Compensate pointing with IE,CA

Measure LUCIFER full-field images above and below focus.

Performance verification

  • Measure guiding performance versus guide star magnitude.

BG Berformance Verification

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