March BG Com Night 3, March 8-9 2009 MST

Observers: J. Hill, A. Rakich, T. Schmidt (Tucson) and J. Storm (Potsdam)
Lucifer support: Walter Seifert (on-call)
Telescope Operator: W. Wack
SW Support: C. Biddick, N. Cushing, P. Grenz (Tucson)
Telescope Support: T. Shih


Andrew, Chris, Jesper and Tim spent the afternoon realigning the fold flat with the AGw calibration lamp. The operation seems to have been successful based on what we can tell from the lamp. The calibration lamp and work platform are ready to be removed on Monday morning (or before the snow clears out).

We took advantage of the AGw Calibration Lamp, to run some AGw probe repeatability measurements at different rotator angles.

We spent an hour excercising the SX M3, and the demons living in the UMAC yesterday seem to have moved on. OSS is able to control the M3 as expected, although there appear to be noisy status bits that make individual operations slightly unreliable.

We completed that last two TCS software tests that are possible at this time. (#6 and #7) Both work with a couple minor bugs to be fixed.

It is snowing on Mt. Graham.


WFS Realignment

This is a mostly second hand account, John is transcribing things from notes taken by Chris.

The alignment was done with the AGw probe at X=+0.7 Y=610.9 to position the calibration lamp spot on the nominal hotspot coordinates (although these adjustments may lead to revised hotspot coordinates.).

Picking up the work about 17:00 MST......

Tim starts by adjusting the fold mirror to center the spot on the 3 arcsec field stop pinhole by eye. Note that there is lots of hysteresis in this mechanism to tilt the mirror.

Jesper is differencing pairs of WFS images taken at two different focus positions to analyze the parallelism of the beam compared to the probe motion. At the same time noticing the position of the pupil relative to the WFS lenslets.

Knob A CW 1/8 turn wfsc000888 focus=24, wfsc000889 focus=14
Knob A CCW 1/4 turn wfsc000890 focus=24, wfsc000891 focus=14
Knob A CW 1/8 turn wfsc000893 focus=24, wfsc000894 focus=14
Knob A CW 1/8 turn wfsc000895 focus=24, wfsc000896 focus=14

Meanwhile, John gets IDL image collectioning working by changing the first two lines of the irtc_client.config file (I didn't notice that it was a link, so I've screwed up the naming scheme.)

Tim recenters the spot on the pinhole. wfsc000898 focus=24, wfsc000899 focus=14

Knob B CW 1/16 turn wfsc000900 focus=24, wfsc000901 focus=14
Knob B CCW 1/16 turn wfsc000902 focus=24, wfsc000903 focus=14
Knob A CCW 1/16 turn wfsc000904 focus=24, wfsc000905 focus=14
Knob A CW 1/8 turn wfsc000906 focus=24, wfsc000907 focus=14
Knob A CW 1/16 turn wfsc000908 focus=24, wfsc000909 focus=14

tap lightly on mirror to verify position. wfsc000910 focus=24, wfsc000911 focus=14

The image files have been copied to /Repository/AGW_Data/090309/.

AGw Probe Repeatability Tests

We ran a script "grid.csh" to move the AGw probe, put it back on axis, and take a pair of 4 sec guider images. This was done 10 times during the script resulting in 20 images. This script was repeated at three rotator positions separated by 120 degrees. The probe focus position was 24 mm.

Rotator Angle 341 degrees

guider000658 to 677

Rotator Angle 221 degrees

guider000680 to 699

Rotator Angle 101 degrees

guider000700 to 719

Some final WFS images after the rotator and probe have been moving around.

wfsc000912-913 at rotator angle 101 show a clearly vignetted pupil.

wfsc000914-915 are back at rotator angle 341 taken with readWFSCam

wfsc000916-919 are still at rotator angle 341, but taken with IDL agw_collimate

917-919 would be the ones to measure to identify the pupil position on the lenslet array.

M3 UMAC Tests

22:42 - Finished the exercising of M3

TCS Software Test #6

Collimation of M3 works as advertised from PSF. The only issue discovered is that the signs of the returned platform position relative to the focal station position are reversed.

TCS Software Test #7

The RotateZ command works through irc/iif. The position argument gets multiplied by 10, somewhere between irc and PSF. And the PSF treats ABS the same as REL. REL works correctly.

Where are the M67 Charts that used to be here?

They have been moved to the StarCharts page of the Commissioning wiki.

-- JoarBrynnel - 02 Mar 2009
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