LUCIFER Com 3, Night 3
UT 2009 January 12

Observers: N.Ageorges, W.Seifert, M.Juette, V.Knierem, R.Gredel, D.Thompson (@LBT)
Telescope Operator: A.Ceranski
SW Support: T.Sargent in Tucson


  • Light on details because things went relatively smoothly tonight. No major problems.


16:00 LUCIFER had some communications issues earlier today, so we shut down and restarted IIF, and GCS as well. Note that stop on IIF reported it wouldn't stop but on TCSGUI it showed stopped. So we tried kill and the log message said it was not running. A "ps -ef | grep IIF" on lbtmu102 showed it still there, so I issued a "kill =9". Subsystems restarted in this order: GCS, IIF, thenLUCIFER telescope service.

16:00 lights off in dome for LUCIFER darks. I walked through level 5 to check no one was there working.

17:55 Opening dome. AGW manually started like last night, motors homed.

19:13 Pointing has changed quite a bit in the last hour, because of a 2C drop in temp? IE changed from 9.0 to -34.8 and CA from 2.3 to -30.7. Nope...we wewre in PA mode rather than parallactic. Reloaded pointing model and then set IE=-8.5 and CA to 3.22.

What does "setting none mode" mean?
20:19:12.544 2009 setting none mode on left side
last message from GCS:
Jan 11 20:19:07 lbtmu107 LBT_left_GCS: centx: 291.302498, centy: 257.995853, xf: 52.302498, yf: 55.995853,peak: 3337.000000, mbg: 1339.500000
I checked guiderimage4132 and there is a star there, reasonably centered and very well detected. The last message from PCS was:
20:18:44 lbtmu102 LBT_PCS: PCS:GUIDER:ApplyGuideCorrection execution time: 33 ms at 1231730324129

As near as we can tell, this is something that happens spontaneously on the TCS side. There are no messages coming in from LUCIFER at that time, and everything on our side looks normal except that GCS stopped guiding after a frame (4132) that has a very well detected star (bkgd+2000DN) in it. Tom called Chris, who said [text here added later by JMH] that the preset state devolves to "None" if the mount or rotator go off source for more than 4 seconds.

Time of last GCS image: 03:19:02.35, time of "none" mode 20:19:12.544.
What does "setting none mode" mean? - in this case we hit a rotator limit and MCSPU unwrapped the cable chain and we went off source for more than 4 seconds.

Mon Jan 12 05:04:55.038 2009 setting none mode on left side again.

Fairly smooth sailing, so I used the opportunity to work on some data from the technical night.

-- DavidThompson - 11 Jan 2009
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