04-05 October 2008 Lost to bad weather

Observers: D. Thompson, LUCIFER folks
Instrument Support: Tim Shih
Software Support: M De La Pena in Tucson
Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski

Lost to bad weather

We are at the point that we need on-sky time to complete the TCS verification and continue with the telescope commissioning/calibration tasks. The entire night was lost to bad weather, at time quite heavy rains.

A new task (Lpoint) was added to the IRTC iraf scripts. This takes LUCIFER-style object lists from local catalog files, but otherwise works like pointto. Specific catalogs have been set up for the work to be done on the AGw and telescope. These catalogs should be usable in the LUCIFER engineering interface, but this has not been tested.

Also, the offset task was modified to send offsets in any of the three coordinate systems (RADEC, ALTAZ, and Detector XY) in anticipation of coming modifications to IRC/IRS and the TCS. Note that XY offsets are supported through the existing FOCAL_PIX specification, but this is kludged on the IIF to implement these as millimeters without forcing a recompilation of the LUCIFER software at this time.

-- DavidThompson - 05 Oct 2008
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