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LUCIFER Commissioning (1a) and AGw Commissioning for 19-20 September 2008 (Day 22)

Observers: Nancy, Walter, Kai, Volker, Andre, Andreas on mtn, D. Thompson.
Software Support: N. Cushing, C. Biddick in Tucson
Telescope Operators: A. Ceranski


We had a good night for Lucifer. Collected data the entire night. No telescope problems.

SW had 8 problems with minimal downtime as resolution was quick.

These appear to be three types of problems with GCS. Six of the eight problems with GCS were caused because it was not able to acquire the guide image within the 5+ second time out. This type of problem hangs the Preset command.

The other problem was not doing WFS when it reported it was doing WFS.

StepFocus problem passed along to Chris. Chris says StepFocus pauses guiding so StepFocus failed because the GCS said guiding was not active when it should have been active. Not sure at this time why GCS was not actively guiding.

All problems were quickly resolved by stopping and starting the GCS. Maybe a new Preset would have fixed the WFS problem, but by the time it happened at the end of the obs day we were in the mode of restarts.

Nighttime Activities

Actuator 328 re-enabled.

Opened at sunset, no flats, calibrating internal flexure on LUCIFER. Sky mostly clear but some haze visible at sunset.

02:35 Sent preset to correct pointing...'no AGW selected' error

02:49 Correction to pointing model ~20 arcsec

02:55 Preset failed on TCS side (perhaps GCS died?) but the instrument received no error message. Restarted GCS, left a note for Torsten with syslog local time stamp of Sep 19 2:53:09. Noticed the timeout to read full CCD image timed out after 5+ seconds. Restarted GCS. Asked for another preset.

3:01 Preset is executing, guiding and WFS working.

NOTE: It appears the GCS is calculating zernikes upto z11 and filling in zeros for z12 to z22. (TL: This is how it is designed. Z's above 11 might be added in the future)

NOTE: Primary mirror is moving when zernikes are applied. It is seen usually as a symmetric offset (+m, -2m, +m) from the mean guiding position. This is definitely having an effect on the image quality and significant effort put into understanding the source of this motion.

7:12 Lucifer has been doing tracking mode observations since 3:01. These are sky emissivity measurements.

7:12 Doing guiding mode observing at 88:23 El. No guide star found. Active optics needed to be cleared from both mirrors in order to have a more spherical star. Still had bad comma but it was usable for guiding and wfs pulled it in after a few iterations. Cool!

8:00 Offset failure occurred in TCS but was recoverable by the TCS, (could not pause the guiding loop for an offset size of about 3 arc minutes in a direction that should have been doable). Left a note for Torsten for syslog local time stamp of Sep 20 01:00:34

8:26 Requested by Lucifer team to provide probe coordinates. They were testing if there were reflection problems off the edge of the AGw. To do this, they needed the probe right at the edge of the field of view. Since a tracking mode preset clears the probe, it had to be put back with setxy. getxy x= -44.759 y= 511.725

Tracking mode preset homed probe to: x= -0.02 y= 420.0

Requested to move probe back to starting position. setxy x=-44.759 y= 511.725

9:30 Dave T. discussed increasing the guide exposure so it was changed from 100 ms to 500 ms. Note that it resets back to 100ms whenever GCS restarts. The guiding loop definitely needs tuning. It looks like with 100ms we are trying to guide on speckles and thus overguiding. 500ms exposures are much more stable. However, LUCIFER is still seeing elongated images across its field of view.

11:18 Preset failed waiting on GCS at local time: 4:09:00, Restarted GCS at 4:18:11

12:05 Preset failed waiting on GCS at local time 05:05:07, Restarted GCS at local time 05:07:49

12:20 GCS failed to do WFS but indicators (statusFlags) indicated otherwise. Guiding was working but no WFS images were being taken.

12:26 Preset failed waiting on GCS at local time 5:26:35, Restarted GCS at local time 05:27:45

12:47 StepFocus failed because GCS was not guiding when it should have been.

12:51:00 GCS failed to acquire guide image.

12:51:39 GCS failed to acquire guide image.

No twilight flats taken in the morning...too many clouds.

-- DavidThompson - 20 Sep 2008
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