LUCIFER Commissioning (1a) and AGw Commissioning for 14-15 September 2008 (Day 18)

Observers: N. Ageorges, W. Seifert, and numerous other LUCIFERians (Peter, Kai, Marcus, Volker) on mtn, D. Thompson,
Software Support: N. Cushing and C. Biddick in Tucson
Telescope Operators: A. Ceranski


Lost most of the night to fog (first half) and winds (most of the night). Finally opened at 4:55 am. After pointing correction (+60 offset in IE and +60 offset in CA = 84 arcsec!), the first ACTIVE mode preset failed to acquire the guide star because the poor initial image quality (lots of coma, some focus) spread the light out too much. A second ACTIVE mode preset on a brighter star acquired the source and started the WFS loop, but the first wfs exposure had ~35k DN on sky and most of the sub apertures with star light were saturated. Scattered clouds in the morning prevented LUCIFER from taking twilight flats. So, no useful obtained this night.

My (D.Thompson) observation is that the telescope (hardware and software) both did what they were supposed to do and we simply got started too late. It was clear that both the OSA and the LUCIFER team need to be clearer on the startup procedure needed to correct pointing and initially close the loops to allow the WFS to pull in the initial collimation. I will take care of this tonight.

Telescope left at zenith with rotator at 450 degrees for J. Wiese's cable chain work.

Nighttime Activities

-- DavidThompson - 16 Sep 2008
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