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AGw and GCS Commissioning Observing on 06/07 September 2008.

Observers: D. Miller, A. Rakich and J. Hill in Tucson, and J. Storm in Potsdam for the second half
Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski


A frustrating night for active optics wrap up, but on the bright side Lucifer got to use a lot of time while we were working on various issues. We expext to make up some of this time on Sunday/Monday night, we are close to finalizing things, 4 hours of problem free telescope should just about wrap it up for us.

Nighttime Activities

07:55 MST Open dome but new TCS build problems. Software folks are backing up to last night's build

08:10 BS9177 on-axis collimation wfsc 339-351 we want to have the last file after collimation measured but not sent to subtract this from our offaxis measurments, will refer to this file as "Post collimatiion" or "PC".

directory for wfs data /080907w

08:12 switching preset to "Guide" and switching to IDL wfs.


PC file #1 wfsc wfsc00003

sending guide preset to #41 and taking 3 sets of wf data wfsc XXX failed to find off-axis guide star starting IE CA -95 -60

end up with IE -114 CA -96 and on-axis star reasonably well centered.

something weird going on with pointing, we set the guide star on-axis the sent the guide and found it way off to the side. After a guide PT list was reporting a certain IE CA that is not consistent with sent IE and CA using PT modify

Final IE CA = -107 -70

8:48 collimating on-axis wfsc 4-7

PC file #1 wfsc 8

going off-axis to guide star #41 measuring wfsc 9-11 pressing collimate between images Doug's angle -205 degrees

going back on axis to measure, collimating wfsc 12

PC wfsc 13

going to guide star #57 PC wfsc 14-16

going back onaxis and collimating wfsc 17

PC wfsc 18

going to guide star #32 and measure wfsc 19-21

going back onaxis and collimating wfsc 23

PC wfsc 24

going to guide star #14 and measure wfsc 25-27

going back onaxis and collimating wfsc 28-29

PC wfsc 30

going to guide star #41b and measure wfsc 31-33

going back onaxis and collimating wfsc 34 not sent

PC wfsc 34

Going to GS #53 and measure wfsc 35-37

going back onaxis and collimating wfsc 38-39

PC wfsc 40

Going to GS #13 and measure wfsc 41-43

going back onaxis and collimating wfsc 44-45

PC wfsc 46

Going to GS #57 and measure wfsc 47-49

going back onaxis and measuring wfsc 50

10:00 Data taken, we're going to analyze data, turning over to Lucifer

1:45 - 2:30 Collimate on-axis with new IDL continuous loop ending with wfsc_90

2:30 TRACK on axis and reset IE= -98 CA= -55

Moved to BS9188 GS #14 and collimated

fwhm measured by Lucifer

4.4x5.1 wfsc_94






3.0x3.8 wfsc_99

3.5x3.0 wfsc_101

4.2x3.4 wfsc_104

2:55 Move WFSC back on axis and measure wavefront wfsc_108, 109, 110

BS9188, 113 mm off-axis, Doug angle -490

off axis corrections z5-8, 120, 0, -94, -95

on axis measured z5-8 (-111, 0, 125, 355) (-134, 0, 136, 438) (-182, -79, 119, 505)

3:45 gone to BS9107

looking to tweak M2 adjustment.

IE CA -110 -60

realize that this star approaches keyhole and will not be good for the M2 adjustment, percervering in the face of clouds rolling in.

collimate on axis wfsc 125-126

PC 127

gone to GS #47

measure wfsc 128-130

colliamated on axis 131

PC 132

going to GS #83 and clouds roll in.

collimate onaxis

-- DougMiller - 07 Sep 2008
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