Commissioning Notes from 15th-16th June 2008 MST

Observers: D. Miller, A. Rakich (in Tucson).
OSA: David G.-H., J. M. Hill


Night time Activities

(Times are in MST)

19:20 Open dome, Sky has scattered cirrus, but is mostly clear.

19:45 Our first star was too bright to acquire, so wait a few minutes and try a brighter one.

19:50 Pointto M5_0444 and center up on IRTC (only requiring 5 arcsec of adjustment) IE=-60 CA=-21

20:02 Pointto BS9158 on-axis
Jun 15 20:02:28 lbtmu107 LBT_left_GCS: AGWUnitAIP::doSetProbePosition: calling oacontrol::setxy(, 0, x:-0.224894 y:612.498952, 0, 0) ...
Jun 15 20:02:30 lbtmu107 LBT_left_GCS: [E] AIP AGW unit error: AGW1: Network Error
Jun 15 20:02:30 lbtmu107 LBT_left_GCS: AGW::setxy(-0.2, 612.5) returned 202
Jun 15 20:02:30 lbtmu107 LBT_left_GCS: error: setProbePosition: couldn't move probe to position (SFP) (x,y): 0.224894, 0.001048 mm.

20:08 Pointto BS9158 again, and it starts guiding. Just a bit of defocus and coma without any active correction.

20:13 Pointto BS9158 gstar=12, star was too faint at 20 msec. Try again with 200 msec.

Jun 15 20:15:59 lbtmu107 LBT_left_GCS: Guidestar seen at : 292.016235, 260.126556

But star was actually at 140,215.

8:23 pointto BS9183 guidestar 12 collimate WFSC, checking orientation of aberrations wfsc2-7in 080616w

8:33 going on axis to measure WFE

8:55 starting from ~WFSC 13-23 sending corrections on axis. seeing variation in Z5

8:59 wfsc 24-29 no corrections sent, watching drift.

9:04 going to 9166 collimating on-axis wfsc 30-33

9:12 going to star 18 AGW ycoordinate 512, so 2.25 arcminutes off-axis. Large + focus, Z5-Z8 have signs ---+, Z5 and Z8 dominant, WFSC 34- lost guiding going back on-axis to check collimation for drift.

9:26 a lot of drift, recollimated, WFSC-35-41, going to star 15 at 553 mm Y axis, acquired star taking data WFSC 42-52 rotator -139, stopped taking data ascertained directions for stage and manual pointing corrections prior to going back on axis to recollimate and start taking data.

10:26 collimating and given up on this star because it got too high (and rotator changing too fast to make measurements).

10:45 Tom H. takes over telescope for some DIMM tests while we number crunch.

11:20 go to BS9177 and collimate on axis wfsc 58-64

11:39 go to # 16 AGw (XY)= (0, 464), Y axis projects to 2 degrees from +y axis on PM. wfsc 65- (ignore 67 bad data) all bad, guiding not up to it, John taking over and manually guiding.

11:49 wfsc 70-73, going to # 61 diametrically opposite. AGw (X,Y)

11:20 recollimate on-axis wfsc76-77

12:08 gone to star #49

12:11 coudln't set filter 4, resend, AGW (x,Y) = (0, 492) GSC failing tofind star, manually setting to hotspot, taking data wfsc 78-80 , rotation to primary 173 degrees.

12:30 Cirrus so John hands telescope over to Tom H for 1 hour.

1:20 back on BS9166, going on axis to collimate. Agree that the rotation number Doug is getting is the negative of the angle that the projectiuon of the y-axis on the primary mirror makes to the primary mirror +y axis.

1:24 GCS succeeds unexpectedly. Collimating. Gone to #18 AGW (XY) = (0, 512) sort out agw manual stage motions for +/- 36" Tilt and Tip from "Wavefront" in PSF.

2:02 took 2 WFSC 87-88 for #18. Now perturbing Rx +36 stage -5x 492y data in recollimated WFSC 92-94

2: 17 now tipping +36 " tip (353" M2 Ry) setting stage to x=20, y=508, John doing manual guiding, WFSC 95-97

2:24 going to -36" tip (353"M2 Ry) stage is set x=-20, y=517, John doing manual guiding, WFSC 98-101

2:31 going to -36 in Tilt (353" M2 RX), stage is set to x=5, y=532, John doing manual guiding , WFSC 103-106

2:38 going back to zero offsets for star 18, wfsc 107-109

2:38 going back to on-axis guide star wfsc 110 - 112; recollimate

2:53 turn telescope over to Tom H. again and crunch data.

3:51 To collimate on a nearby guide star around a bright star visible on IRTC, then take EF data. Going M5_0855. First incidence of off-axis guiding and collimating while watching the effects on the IRTC.

3:55 pointto and irtc star M5_0855

4:00 guide on gs #1:success! A lot of focus

4:05 IRTC (before any corrections) /Repository/irtc.20080616.110650.fits (0.01 sec) 110544 (0.1 sec)

4:09 applied correction wfs000115.fits

4:10 irtc 111054 (0.01 sec) 111152 (0.02 sec)

4:12 wfsc 116 applied

4:13 irtc 111401 (0.01) 111436 (0.02 sec)

4:16 wfsc 117 applied

4:20 notice rotator is not working properly. some bad polynomials. try a couple preset telescopes. John thinks we were right at the 0-360 interface of the rotator and the polys were oscillating between the two sets. [NOTE by MD: Indeed, from 04:12 - 04:32 the rotator angle was outside of the zone considered safe by the MCSPU. From -1 to +351 degrees is the good zone.]

4:35 We done. Tom et al are doing a bit of DIMM work.

-- JohnHill - 16 Jun 2008
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