Commissioning Notes from 11th-12th June 2008 MST

Observers: D. Miller (in Tucson).
OSA: David G.-H.


Wind kept the chamber closed for all but an hour at 4:00 am. We had difficulty getting a preset telescope request to work (MCSPU errors). When we finally convinced the telescope to move, the irs froze. After a bit of kill and restarting Doug realize he was trying to restart the irc, not the irs. By this time is was getting bright and was time to close.

Hopefully less wind tonight

Night time Activities

(Times are in MST)

Wind of 50+ mph kept us closed most of the night

3:00 The wind dropped below 50 mph and David opened the chamber. Troubles with the primary (power?) has us on hold. David has been trying all the known tricks to raise the primary. He even had John H. on the phone. Finally, David woke up John L. and they are trying to understand the problem and determine a solution.

4:05 A full shutdown of the cell crate and power up seemed to fix the problem with the primary

4:10 A pointto WT10_365 failed the first two tries with an MCSPU error.

4:15 Third time the pointto moved the telescope, but never returned a success (ie just hung)

4:20 Kill the irc and tried to restart. irc would just hang. Tried several times with no luck

4:30 David restarted the IIF. Still no luck

4:40 Doug is idiot! I had killed the irs, but then was trying to restart the irc (not the irs). I tried the irs and had success. By this time, the primary had paniced and would have required a trip to zenith to restart. Thus, David closed the chanber and we called it a night.

-- DougMiller - 12 Jun 2008
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