Commissioning Notes from 13-14 May 2008 MST

Observers: J. Hill and J. Storm on the mountain, plus D. Miller and A. Rakich from Tucson
Telescope Operator: R. Grashuis


10 cm of snow this afternoon. Weather is clearing, but humidity too high for observing. We've managed to get a few things done even without starlight. It started snowing again at 2AM.

Dome Closed Activities

This morning Jesper and Thomas attempted to install a new version of the UMAC firmware. But, they did not succeed on the first try.

Power outage this afternoon, so we are on generator. Ran snow melting on alternate doors from 02:15 until 08:15.

Without the pressure of observing, I got to watch the whole hockey game. Penguins 4, Flyers 1 !! Bring on the Redwings.

Dave Ashby used some of this cloudy time to make elevation encoder tests.

Doug and Andrew were sending Zernike corrections to PSF from Tucson. We found a bug in the section of the program that writes the Zernike file for irc. Doug has the on-axis active optics process almost completely automated in IDL. Andrew and John were trained in how to operate Doug's code in the absence of Doug.

Jesper and John finished analyzing the Agw probe transformations. We've got all the signs correct now. We need data in better seeing to measure more precisely the non-ideality of the AGw probe coordinates. John updated the script so that it can calculate the probe position at all position angles. We found one last sign error in the GCS calculation of the probe position. Hopefully Torsten or Michele will be able to fix that tomorrow.

We've realized that there are philosophical differences in how AGW expects the probe to be positioned (RA/DEC) and how PCS expects the probe to be positions (SFP millimeters), and poor Torsten is caught in between.

Had to stop and restart PCS around 11PM to get rid of persistent problems with polynomial timing and lack thereof. Had to stop and restart OSS several times on lbtmu101 a little after midnight. This may have been a residual of last night's problems.

We captured some output from oacserver to see if Thomas could identify some unknown PMAC error messages.
PmacSetBit(): timeout, recv failed. Check network cables
getMotorErrors(): Error while sending line to PMAC
getMotorErrors(): pthread_exit()
PmacSockGetMem(): timeout, recv failed. Check network cables

-- JohnHill - 14 May 2008
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