Commissioning Notes for 20080427 UT

Observers: D. Thompson (on mountain), plus J. Hill and D. Miller (in Tucson)
Telescope Operator: R. Grashuis


We collected a lot of data to calibrate the S-H wavefront sensor of the AGw on-axis. This data was analyzed in near real-time with Doug's IDL script. We worked out the rotation transformation between the bent Gregorian rotator angle and the az-el Zernikes expected by PSF. We were able to collimate the telescope and adjust the primary mirror figure using the AGw S-H measurements. Some problems with GCS and telescope prevented us from actually closing the active optics loop with the IDL code.

Running Notes/Log (UTtimes):

02:22 Testing center...the PA keyword in the image headers is not being correctly populated! I was at PA=45 and the header read 0. What is the correct DD entry to use? Fixed. Note that the guider ...

03:00 John's gotoWFS script to walk a star over to the WFS seems to work fine.
03:02 Seeing quite poor on WFS image.
03:05 Taking sky frames for WFS (data in /tmp on 107)
  • wfsc000029, 30, 31, 32, 33 - 15 seconds integration each
  • wfsc000034, 35, 36, 37, 38 - 30 seconds integration each
  • wfsc000039, 40, 41, 42, 43 - 20 seconds integration each
  • wfsc000044, 45, 46, 47, 48 - 10 seconds integration each

03:15- Working out WFS/Guider orientation vs. Zernikes

03:30 Some ByEyeAO to remove some coma and spherical. Image on IRTC looks good, but there is obvious coma on the guider image.

06:00 Using WFS images and hand analysis
  • nominal starting point = wfsc000010
  • +200 Z7 wfsc000012 (cumulative Z7, assuming wfsc...10 is zero)
  • -200 Z7 wfsc000015
  • -400 Z7 wfsc...16
  • -600 Z7 wfsc...17
  • -200 Z7 wfsc...18
  • +200 Z7 wfsc...19
  • +600 Z7 wfsc...20
  • +1000 Z7 wfsc...21
  • +1400 Z7 wfsc...22 (Doug reports Z7 at +28nm, Z8 at 290 )
  • There may be a factor of 2 scaling between PSF and WFS
  • +300 Z8 wfsc...23 (cumulative Z8, assuming wfsc...22 is zero) star not on pinhole
  • +600 Z8 wfsc...24 (lost guiding after ~1 hour, resending preset)
  • wfsc...27 same as before, re-established guiding. (Z7 and Z8 both low)
  • +600 Z5 wfsc...41 (cumulative Z5, assuming wfsc...27 is zero)
  • -1000 Z5 wfsc...42
  • -600 Z6 wfsc... (cumulative Z6, assuming #42 is zero)

GCS died unexpectedly...restarting.
07:38 GCS died unexpectedly...again...restarting. It dies right when we got the star to the WFS.
07:42 GCS "guiding thread" stopped unexpectedly...resending preset.

  • wfsc...47 GCS died during this exposure, probably not useful

07:50 GCS died again
07:55 GCS died again

  • wfsc...49 after many restarts. This is our new "zero" (Z4=-2000)
  • -1000 Z4 got worse
  • +1600 Z4 wfsc...52 much better

08:21 GCSL died expectedly

  • +2000 Z4 wfsc...53
  • +2250 Z4 wfsc...57 Z4 went to +400 (I think it is just variations)
  • -300 Z11 wfsc...59 (wfsc...57 is the zero) now reads -450, off by a factor of 2 in scale
  • +600 Z11 wfsc...62 (now reads 91)

  • irtc.20080427.084638 (mirror positions agree to the third decimal place)

Conversion from Doug's reported Zernikes to what to apply:
  • Z4*-1.0
  • Z5*2.0
  • Z6*2.0
  • Z7*-2.0
  • Z8*-2.0
  • Z11*-2.0

Doug rotates by an angle 160.9-[ROTANGLE_from_PCS]

08:59 Attempt Andrew's off-axis tests (not ready yet).
  • wfsc...64 (has Z4 -400, Z5 -121, Z6 69, Z7 +186, Z8 70, Z11 97: Doug's analysis)
  • adding +400_Z4 -200_Z11 -400_Z7 -140_Z8: Z7/Z7 were not rotated for given PARANG)
  • wfsc...67 (has 5_Z11 200_Z6 -100 Z7 -200 Z8 - corrected for rotation?)
  • adding +400_Z6 +200_Z7 +400_Z8 - corrected for scale/rotation)
  • wfsc...68 (has +400_Z6
  • wfsc...69 (has +400_Z6 basically the same as 68)
  • adding -200_Z5 -1100_Z6
  • wfsc...70, 71 as starting figure for off-axis test (nope, not set up correctly)
  • wfsc...80 has +200_Z5, adding -400_Z5
  • wfsc...82 has , adding +900_Z5
  • wfsc...84, 85 as starting figure for off-axis test (nope, not set up correctly)

pointto 'AS9152N' gs=1 Tel="GUIDE" PA=0.01 # to override calculation at 360. This did not work. We then pointed to a new source in the NE because 9152 was setting. The star came up ~60 arcsec offset (way off chip).

Finally got the star on the detector, but GCS had trouble picking it up. Now I cannot get it back onto the detector. There are some odd pointing problems now. Temps changed ~6-7 degrees that may account for it, but we did not have problems on BS9152.

-- DavidThompson - 27 Apr 2008
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