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Commissioning Notes for 20080426 Software Activities UT


Observer: Dave Thompson; TO: Randy Grashuis; Technical Support: John Hill; SW Support: Chris, Michele, Stephen, Jose, Torsten, Norm

Running Notes/Log (UTtimes):

Partial TCS installation. New GCS installed that has functions to allow WFS images to be taken while guiding, change the guide hot spot, configure the target peak to background difference.

04:08 Attempting to Guide with new version of GCS. Problem taking guide images with GCS. Images can be manually taken. Rest of TCS is from the night before. So this may be a software mismatch.

04:12 Installing a complete new version of the TCS. It should support the above mentioned GCS changes, PCS preset initialization, PCS rotator configurations for on-instrument, on-telescope, no rotator, PCS transformations for all instruments, PCS configuration value for rotator offset, MCSPU/MCS/CSQ rotator on source flags, and new reflective memory, and common software to log host name of subsystem for display purposes. PCS had zero point changed (flipped) to be 19.1 degrees.

04:27 Having trouble starting the PCS and PMC. PCS finally stared, still working on PMC. It appears the shared memory was not setup correctly (semaphore problem) before the new build was installed. We are working on cleaning things up before a restart.

05:06 Restart TCS.

05:48 Preset guiding, PA=0, guiding on axis. Image runs off frame at 45 degrees. Flipping the zero point of rotator angle is considered to be the cause.

05:49 Preset guiding, PA=0, guiding on axis. Same behavior.

06:06 Preset guiding, PA=0, guiding on axis, Mode=PointingAngle, Guide cam exposure is 1 ms, centroid count above background set to 50 counts, star magnitude ~= 13, Zero Point=199.1 degrees. Guiding successfully.

Ask to move guide hot spot position while guiding (command failed). We failed to use command line flags of -x and -y. Set guide cam exposure set to 1000ms while guiding. Centroid is 2000 to 3000 cnts above background.

06:19 Preset guiding with same parameters, went back to PCS zero point of 19.1, and set PCS Instrument Alignment Angle (IAA)to 180. Image slowly crawled away from hotspot toward lower right corner.

06:25 Preset guiding with PCS Zero Point = 19.1 IAA = 0, PAI = 180. Slowly crawled towards upper right corner.

06:28 Preset guiding with PCS Zero Point = 199.1, IAA = 0, PAI = 0, (PCS configuration from 2008 Apr 25). Guiding. Move guide hot spot position to -x 268.1 -y 220.76. Image went to far edge and switched guide algorithms. Drawing star back to center.

Attempt to walk guiding to 292, 255. First step to 270 223. Second step to 272 226. Third step ...

Slow to move to new hot spot. PCS proportional guiding filter Az = .05, El = .05. PCS values being exaimed values to understand. Arrived at WFS hotspot.

06:41 WFS image taking attempted. Image collected. Very faint spots. Increased exposure to 5000 ms. Guiding stopped.

PCS proportional guiding filter set AZ = .5, El =.5 on lbtmu102. PCS must be stopped and restarted for these to be applied.

07:28 Collecting vibration images.

07:40 LBC authorized ok and preset successfully. 07:51 LBTI authorized on left side ok and preset successfully. 07:54 LBTI authorized on both sides ok and preset successfully.

07:56 Preset with IRTC to test guiding and taking WFS images with unique exposure time. OSS returned immediately before M2 was done moving for collimation. This needs to be fixed.

08:26 preset for guiding (PA = 0, on-axis) and taking WFS images. Guide exposure set to 10 ms. Guiding. Moving guide hot spot to WF S position of 292, 255.

09:00 Determined that stars on the edge of the field of view fail the acquire guide star algorithm. Images saved are... /Reposity/djt.fits /Repository/thereisastarhere.fits /Repository/thesamestarcentered.fits (which was acquired).

09:04 Taking guide images to take WFS. On lbtmu107 collected /tmp/wfsc000012.fits

Clear active optics which had some coma and it moved the guide star out of the field.

09:16 Do over. Acquired one sub frame and than we walked away from it.

09:21 Do over. Guiding. Walking to WFS. took image.

Apply aberration. Continue

Contineue taking images and applying aberrations.

09:31 Software group calling it a week.

-- NormCushing - 26 Apr 2008
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