Commissioning Notes for 20080421 UT


The only reliable result tonight was re-measurement of the rotator center. Used M53, a globular, with 9 stars in common to the two rotated images. Repeated 2x, consistent results. Rotator center (@159.22,128.58) <1 pixel from detector center! Progress on WFS will require closed-loop guiding.

Modified pointto to send AGw on-axis when gstar="0". This will work also for the pointing stars or any other on-axis target in case the M5 stars are too bright.

Running Notes/Log:

UT 02:14 Open, ready to go 02:24 pointto WT10_237 gets an error on preset (bad polynomials) resent with PA=10, worked OK

02:28 takepic. First try failed at 'GetIRParam', resent worked and star on detector (@161,227).
  • note: re-sending the commands normally worked.
  • Check that camera is not in movie mode

Put in movie mode to focus. -0.1 got close, another -0.1 overshot. +0.

> > Problem for Jose: filenames are coming across as 20080420:
> > /Repository/irtc2_20080420.303412.fits

pointto M5_179, 38 gs=1 (went to PA=271 as it should have, this places the guide star on the AGw Y axis)

wind causing some problems pointing to SW, moving to SE

pointto M5_0347 @ 83,90

offset -2.0 0.0 ; takepic 0.005 offsets either not moving, or moving in unexpected directions. Aaron suggests wind may be a problem (5-10m/s from weather station) Moving to a different star. Aaron says AZ is acting strange...

03:31 M5_1332 12:51:41.913 27:32:26.41 2000.0 (@ 140 244)

Aargh: OFFSETS ARE ABSOLUTE (i.e. preset position defines 0,0)

offset 0.0 -10.0 to center

Re-determine rotator center on IRTC: pointto M_53_GC (Globular Cluster)

  • 280856 @ PA=0 281012 @ PA=180
  • 281518 @ PA=0 281638 @ PA=180
  • Consistent results from the two measurements
  • Rotator center is within 1 pixel of center of chip!
  • center@(159.22,128.58)

> > Jose, 'GetFOV' does not actually return anything more than a 1 or 0
> > Same with 'GetFilter', 'GetIRParam'!
> > Does this just stage data for the image headers?

Started up AGw, homed stages, etc. Ran stages to 8.84 600.0 (note, 601 not possible, SW complains) this is close to the WFS aperture, but the star is moving around too much to be sure (need guiding!).

Note: temps reported at end of night were UMAC: 26.12 Deg Celsius, Ambient temperature: 2.81 Deg Celsius

08:10 closed: wind. 11:00 giving up. Still windy, and ~1h to nautical twilight.

11:38 Taking some darks (dark dome, J filter):
  • 113742 dark_00009 0.05s x 32
  • 113952 dark_00010 0.10s x 32
  • 114023 dark_00011 0.20s x 32
  • 114100 dark_00012 0.25s x 32
  • 114225 dark_00013 0.30s x 32
  • 114252 dark_00014 0.50s x 32
  • 114327 dark_00015 1.00s x 32
  • 114858 dark_00016 0.001 x 320 (worked)
  • 115005 dark_00017 0.001 x 1000 (worked)

To-do list:

  • make pointto gs=0 move the AGw on-axis.
  • make focus script
  • make qdisp that can subtract off a dark or sky
  • make takepic print out the filename on /Repository

irs/irc (Jose)
  • update 'GetFOV', 'GetFilter', and 'GetIRParam' to print out parameters with the 0/1 error code.
  • takeseq gets "could not read from socket" but images are still taken.
  • correct the UTdate/time file naming.

  • I need a clear description of what GCS will be capable of doing and how to get it to do that.

-- DavidThompson - 21 Apr 2008
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