Commissioning Notes 20080416 UT

Observers: J. M. Hill, R. M. Wagner, R. F. Green (first half), I. Foppiani (first half)
Telescope Operator: A. Ceranski


There was no observing due to high winds. The sky had scattered cirrus, and winds were gusting above 25 m/sec all night long.

Dome Closed Activities

We sorted out our rotator angle misunderstandings. See Issue #1265.

We stumbled across an obscure typo in MCSPU event handling that caused mcstemp to crash. Tom was able to fix it in the morning.

We had a problem with the FR elevation brake not releasing. We were able to cure this by cold-booting TPLC. There's nothing like a good cold boot to cleanse the mind. See Issue #500.

Mark took over from Richard in refining the IRAF scripts for pre-processing IRTC data cubes before feeding them to EF. If the wind keeps blowing, Doug will likely have an IDL version before the weekend is over.

Norm moved the Commissioning wiki pages into a Commissioning Web (wiki subdirectory) so they are less mixed in the the LBTO Main wiki pages.

With the assistance of D. L. Miller in Tucson, we sent fake Zernikes to the Primary Mirror (2 ways), and eventually to the secondary mirror. First Doug spawned a call to the LBC program TCSSendWavefront from his IDL program. That works for sending to the primary, but the LBC libraries are hardwired for LBC at prime focus. Later we realized that Jose's irc program has a SendWavefront call. We used that to send Zernikes to both the primary and secondary mirrors in PSF.

All this wind gives lots of time to write cookbooks for observing at F/15, so the supply of documentation is looking pretty good. Some documents like the IRTC User Manual are still in draft form and will need more work as we learn the system better.

We some help from D. Cox, we got the MAT working again. Apparently it had a loose USB cable, since jiggling cables followed by rebooting brought it back to life.

We tested a new version of Jose's irs/irc code. This had some improved error reporting to make Dave's scripts more reliable, and converted over to using UT for filenames. After fixing a couple bugs, Jose sent us a new build later in the morning.

-- JohnHill - 17 Apr 2008
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