Instructions to Create Stone Field Catalogs

% cd idl/catalog
% mkdir New
% cd New

Click on *ACR catalog around Celestial Equator (Stone+, 1999) (1268732 stars) *

Click the checkbox next to *ACR catalog, region A (around 00h46 +00) (1268761 rows)*

Click the button *Query selected Tables*

Uncheck checkbox next to *distance* on the left

Change *HTML Table* to *ascii text/plain* on the left

Change *max* to 9999

Enter coordinates in *Target Name* entry field


Click *Submit*

List will be displayed in your browser window

File-> Save As "idl/catalogs/New/Stone_K.txt"

Read "Stone_K.txt" into an editor and:

  • Put comment mark, #, at the beginning of all lines above the table
  • Delete all comment lines at the end of the file

% idl
IDL> catalog_read_vizier_query, catalog, info, number, filename, ret_val, MAG=16
IDL> catalog_make_list
IDL> catalog_make_plots, 'Stone_K'
IDL> exit
% xmgrace image/agr/Stone_K.agr
% mv Stone_K.catalog ../Stone/catalog/.
% mv image/jpg/Stone_K.jpg ../Stone/image/jpg/.
% cd ..
% rm -fr New
% idl
IDL> catalog_make_xephem_file, 'Stone'
IDL> exit

Now commit these new files to the svn repository

svn status
svn add Stone/catalog/Stone_K.catalog
svn add Stone/images/jpg/Stone_K.jpg
svn commit

Add a comment (i to go into insert mode in vi, esc to exit insert mode and :wq to exit and proceed with the commit)

Login to telescope account on the mountain and:

% cd /lbt/catalogs
% svn update

-- DougMiller - 11 Jun 2011
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