Instructions to Create Catalogs for Regions on the Sky

Create New Catalogs

Please create new catalogs in your own directories and then commit them to the svn repository.

First, start emacs, IDL and run the appropriate catalog routine:
% cd idl/catalogs
% mkdir Ostar
% cd Ostar
% emacs Pisces.list &
          F7 to start IDL in emacs

IDL> catalog_request_simbad_area, [0,24], [0,20], [10,8], "O", retval, START=1

The parameters to catalog_request_simbad_area are:
  • [0,24] the range of Ra to create regions
  • [0,20] the range of Dec to create regions
  • [10, 8] the range of star R magnitudes to include. Note the mags are listed from dim (10) to bright (8)
  • "O" spectral type (O,B,A,F,G,K.M)
  • START=1 the index to start at when creating names (ie Ostart_1.catalog)

The catalog_request_simbad_area routines divides the range or Ra and Dec on the sky give into regions that are 2 hours by 20 degrees in size. In the example given, the requested region will be cut into 12 regions all the way around the sky. In each region, a maximum of three stars in the given magnitude range are chosen automatically and catalogs created. In this example, the set of actions you must perform are:
  • submit the file simbad.request to the Simbad "Criteria query" web interface (described below)
  • click the "OK" button on the IDL popup message window
You will perform these two steps 12 times. As catalogs are created, their names will be displayed in the IDL window. If 21 catalogs are written (Ostar_1 -> Ostar_21), then to create catalogs in the next regions (or with different magnitudes) enter at the IDL prompt:
IDL> catalog_request_simbad_area, [0,24], [20,40], [10,8], "O", retval, START=22

This routine writes a script, ~/Downloads/simbad.request, that is sent to the CDS Simbad website to search first for this target star and then for guide stars around this target star. This IDL routine pops up a message box, and waits for the required web request to Simbad "Criteria query" to be completed.

  • IDL popup message box:

At the Simbad "Criteria query" page, "Choose" the file ~/Downloads/simbad.request, click the "display" button on right side of the page and then "Submit file". This will take a few seconds and then will write a file, ~/Downloads/simbad.txt. This is the file that the IDL routine, started above, requires.

  • Simbad "Criteria query" page:

*Note* See Appendix: Simbad Output Settings below to make sure you retrieve the correct information.

Now, click the "OK" on the IDL popup message. IDL will read the contents of the file written. If no stars were found, IDL will continue to the next region. If a star or stars, then up to three stars are automatically choosen, then another query(s) to CDS is automatically sent and guide stars around the target star(s) are downloaded. Now that target and guide star information has been collected, a catalog(s) file is written, an XmGrace plot file(s) is written and a jpg(s) finder chart is created. These files live in:

  • ~/idl/catalogs/Ostar/catalogs/Ostar_*.catalog
  • ~/idl/catalogs/Ostar/images/agr/Ostar_*.agr
  • ~/idl/catalogs/Ostar/images/jpg/Ostar_*.jpg

In order for IDL to see and make available any new catalogs in ~/idl/catalogs, you must exit IDL and restart.

Add New Catalogs to the SVN Repository

These new catalog files created should sooner or later be uploaded to the svn repository. To do this:
% ssh telescope@obs2
% cd /lbt/catalogs
% cp -r /home/LBTO/idl/catalogs/Ostar .
% svn add Ostar
% svn commit

These new catalogs should be removed from the local directory on the LBTO account via:
% cd idl/catalogs
% rm -fr Ostar

Appendix: Simbad Output Setup

The Simbad Output Setup page is:

The setting you should choose are:

  • Simbad Output Setup, page1:

  • Simbad Output Setup, page 2:

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