Instructions to Create Catalogs Given Target Coordinates

Create New Catalogs

Please create new catalogs in your own directories and then commit them to the svn repository.

1) If you are using a partner account (INAF, OSURC) and not an internal support account (lbto, ao, telescope):

  • login to the summit computer with the correct login credentials

  • % source ~/pisces_setup

2) Create a list of targets:

  • Open emacs. If you are using a remote machine (i.e. obs2), make sure emacs is opened remotely and that the output target file is in the correct directory:
    % cd idl/catalogs/Pisces
    % emacs Pisces.list &
    F7 to start IDL in emacs

  • In the file Pisces.list, insert the following 5 columns:
    Name  Ra(sexigesimal) Dec(sexigesimal) pm_Ra pm_Dec
    Where pm_* is the proper motion in Ra and Dec. For example:
    Pisces_1 18:06:50.7 +69:49:28 0 0
    This file can have just one, or multiple entries, one per line. In the example, the catalog created will be called Pisces_1.catalog.

3) Once a target list exists, the next step is to use the IDL routine catalog_request_simbad. This program writes a script, ~/Downloads/simbad.scripts, that can be uploaded by the user into the CDS Simbad website to search for both the target star and guide stars around this target star. One the SIMBAD search is complete, the user can tell the program, via a pop up dialog box, to proceed. At that point the IDL routine will read the output file from simbad (~/Downloads/simbad.txt) and produce a catalog and finding charts.

  • At the IDL prompt:
    IDL> catalog_request_simbad_list, filename, retval

  • A popup window will ask you for a file to read. Choose Pisces.list. Another window will pop up, DO NOT click OK yet

  • In a browser, go to the Simbad script submission page:
    • If you are logging into a summit machine remotely, make sure you use a browser running on the remote machine rather than locally

  • At the Simbad Script submission page, "Choose" the file ~/Downloads/simbad.script

  • Click the "file output" box and then "Submit file". This will take a few seconds and then write a file, ~/Downloads/simbad.txt. This is the file that the IDL routine requires.

  • Now, click the "OK" on the IDL popup message. IDL will read the contents of the file written above.
    • If no stars were found, IDL will report this and exit the routine.
    • If redundant stars were found, you will needed to edit them out of the file returned by simbad. Then rerun catalog_request_simbad_list, and this time say "OK" without sending a new script to simbad. WARNING: the old simbad.txt file is automatically deleted.
    • If a suitable star or stars were found, then another query(s) to CDS is automatically sent and guide stars around the target star(s) are downloaded.

  • Now that target and guide star information has been collected, a catalog file is written, an XmGrace plot file is written and a jpg finder chart is created. These files live in:
    • ~/idl/catalogs/Pisces/catalogs/Pisces_1.catalog
    • ~/idl/catalogs/Pisces/images/agr/Pisces_1.agr
    • ~/idl/catalogs/Pisces/images/jpg/Pisces_1.jpg

  • In order for IDL to see and make available any new catalogs in ~/idl/catalogs, you must exit IDL and restart.

For non-sidereal (uncataloged) targets

JMH: use catalog_request_cds_list when your target has no object in the SIMBAD catalog

Add New Catalogs to the SVN Repository

These new catalog files created should sooner or later be uploaded to the svn repository. To do this:
% ssh telescope@obs2
% cd /lbt/catalogs
% cp /home/LBTO/idl/catalogs/Pisces/catalogs/* Pisces/catalogs/.
% cp /home/LBTO/idl/catalogs/Pisces/images/agr/* Pisces/images/agr/.
% cp /home/LBTO/idl/catalogs/Pisces/images/jpg/* Pisces/images/jpg/.
% svn status
% svn add Pisces/catalogs/Pisces_1.catalog
% svn add Pisces/images/agr/Pisces_1.agr
% svn add Pisces/images/jpg/Pisces_1.jpg
% svn commit -m pippo Pisces/catalogs/.
% svn commit -m pippo Pisces/images/agr/.
% svn commit -m pippo Pisces/images/jpg/.

These new catalogs should be removed from the local directory on the LBTO account via:
% cd idl/catalogs/Pisces
% rm -fr catalogs images

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