Beginning of the Night Cookbook for LUCIFER Observing

from the Telescope, Guiding and Active Optics perspective

This page is now mostly obsolete.

Startup on the Telescope Operator's Workstation

  1. Start AGW oacserver on agw-control (see AGwStages)
  2. Verify the DirtI Server irs on lbtmu105 (see RunningDirtI)
  3. Display system log for GCS
  4. Run ptmodify commands for PCS on to-station (see RunningPCS)
  5. Run GCS commands on to-station (see RunningGCS)
  6. Set PSF Collimation Mode to "Primary" on the Wavefront sub-GUI of PSF.

1 Start the AGW oacserver on agw-control (see AGwStages)

The xtgerm windows for the AGw oacserver on agw-control can either be started at a command line on a to-station terminal, or via the "startup" command in IRAF (see LBTtoolsIRTC).

2 Verify the DirtI Server "irs" on lbtmu105 (see RunningDirtI)

Normally the the DirtI Server "irs" for sending commands to IIF runs automatically on lbtmu105 (machine alias "irs"). Use the following commands (or the TCSGUI) to display the syslog which is quite useful for diagnosing preset errors. As of March 2009, "irs" is only needed for IRTC observations as LUCIFER uses the IIF/ICE interface.

  • % cd /lbt/log
  • % tail -f current | grep IIF

3 Display system log for GCS

  • % cd /lbt/log
  • % tail -f current | grep GCS

4 Run ptmodify commands on to-station (see RunningPCS)

  • % ssh telescope@to-station
  • % ptlist
  • % ptmodify IE -70
  • % ptmodify CA -100

These commands to PCS change the El and Az pointing offsets to position the star on the center of Guider Camera. The changes will be lost if PCS is restarted.

5 Terminal to run CGS Commands (see RunningGCS)

  • % ssh LBTO@to-station
  • % ./setGuideRate 0.4 (Hertz)
  • % ./setExpTime 200 (miliseconds)
  • % ./stopGuiding

6 Set PSF Collimation Mode to "M1" on the Wavefront sub-GUI of PSF.

Verify that the PSF Collimation Mode is set to "Primary" on the Wavefront sub-GUI of PSFL. This sends all the Active Optics corrections to the Primary Mirror. (We plan to switch to "Split" mode after we make some better calculations to correct coma in the presence of binodal field astigmatism. "Split" mode sends bending corrections to the primary actuator forces, and positioning [focus, coma] corrections to the secondary.)

-- JohnHill - 14 Sep 2008
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