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UT 20130124 AO#1

Telescope Operator: Steve..(LBTO)
SW Support: Cox,D (Tucson)
AO Support: JCGuerra(LBTO),JChristou(LBTO),DMiller(LBTO))
Telescope Support: Kevin N(LBTO)
Instrument Support: Tim S (LBTO)


AGW#2 is in the laboratory. A full test of the wavefront sensor including the CCD47 is done without any problem at laboratory ambient temperature (2 hours) The AGW#1 is down to repair the pic board, study the possible vignetting of the W beam splitter (cube) in the Lucifer FOV and the test of the failure of the stage Y.


The AGW#2 wavefront sensor is tested in the laboratory showing a good functionality of all the devices. The intermitent power failure haven't showed up. The test is conducted for almost two hours at laboratory ambient temperature.

There is the plan to connect the cooling and to do a full test with the unit at low temperature and leaving the system on for the whole day.

The connector of the AGW Postdam cooling plate will be replaced with on the AGW#2, this issue was reported to John Little and to Bob Meeks and there is an action to replace the hose. A possible solution was to place two screws with a large head and to stick two strips of foam, with this solution the cover will not touch the realse buttons of the connectors.


The AGW#1 (left side "SX") is dismount from the telescope and put it in the laboratory for a Pic board replacement. Also is study teh possibility to remove the cube ot to place the cube as far the translation stage allows.

Two spares pic boards were brought and one of the board was custom as the original one with two resistors of 10mOhm (photo), the spare pic board is tested in the bench and it has showed a failure, the second obne without the resisitors worked well. Checked the electronic data sheet, the two resistor are placed for the serion controller, this device reads the dew point and the humidity, it was discussed to put on this spare. The spare is put in the flower pot and the works will all its funcitonallity and it has decided to use this one.

-- JuanGuerra - 24 Jan 2013
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