UT 20120503 AO#2 Commissioning

Observer: SEsposito, RBriguglio, APuglisi, FQuiros-Pacheco (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: SAllanson (LBTO)
Additional AO Support: DMiller
Telescope Support: MMidkiff(LBTO)
Instrument Support: TShih (LBTO)


01:51 Open Chamber. Steve align pointing.

02:20 Preset to star. wfsc subaps filled so do not send corrections to PSF

02:31 Start sending zernikes wfsc 7. Use IDL and sextractor

02:48 Preset to first AO star: S10420. Start collimating wfsc 30 with sextractor.

02:50 Collimated. Had to send preset again with /ND (adds 4 mag to Ref star magnitude because ND filter is in)

03:00 runAO fail because seeing 1.5-2" and too many skip frames with bin1, 500 modes.

03:25 Change the number of modes down a couple times from 500 to 100. Still some problems. Use 10 for field stablization. Loop stays closed.

03:50 Preset to M5_0441 to the north. Last star was straight into the ~10+ m/s wind and saw some wind buffeting.

04:00 runAO fail several times. Alfio is tweaking the acquisition algorithm a bit.

Arcetri guys work on poor seeing parameters

06:45 Dimm stuck against end stop. Go to horizon to move off limits. Takes 20 minutes

07:05 Collimate with IDL:sextractor wfsc 48-56.

07:12 runao fail. Stopped due to external signal?? Error on WFSC GUI. Alfio knows about it.

08:38 IDL collimate: wfsc 461-466. Pupil is not centered. up one subap.

11:45 IDL collimate: wfsc 720-725 Overshoot Z6. Guiding on wrong, dim star. Steve tweak pointing. Lower left corner of lenslet. Missing one low row. Now acquire correct star.


-- DougMiller - 03 May 2012
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