WUnit Reconstructor Lookup Tables

File Naming Scheme

For each AO system there are three table files that are used to set the AO Closed Loop parameters. There three files are for the three "modes" of operation of the AO system: ACE, ACE with bad seeing and TTM.

The form of the file names are:
  • table_<instrument name>_<AO mode>[.badseeing].txt
where <instrument name> is the currently authorized instrument, and <AO mode> is the corresponding PresetAO parameter (either ACE-AO or TTM-AO). For LUCIFER authorized and ACE mode requested, the reconstructor lookup table file read is:
  • table_LUCIFER_ACE-AO.txt
For LUCIFER authorized and TTM mode requested, the reconstructor lookup table file read is:
  • table_LUCIFER_TTM-AO.txt
Finally, the AO system can be used in poor seeing conditions (seeing > 1.2") by pressing the click button on the upper left corner of the AOS GUI labeled "force bad seeing". In the case for an ACE PresetAO, the file used is:
  • table_LUCIFER_ACE-AO.badseeing.txt

The location of these reconstructor lookup tables is in the source directory at:

  • wfssx: $ADOPT_SOURCE/calib/wfs/W1/ao
  • wfsdx: $ADOPT_SOURCE/calib/wfs/W2/ao

After modifying the files in those directories, a "make install-calib" will install them in the current $ADOPT_ROOT directory, which is the current operational directory.

File Contents

The head for each of the reconstructor lookup table files is:
# Table has the following features:
# - flux is always decreasing
# - frequency is always decreasing within a binning
# - lines that change parameters other than frequency (binning, rec, etc.)  are duplicated with the same magnitude, and specify
#   two sets of parameters, one for the lower binning and one for the higher binning

# Columns:
# 0    1   2     3     4   5     6      7                 8                 9                10          11   12     13       14       15       16     17      18      19        20       21         22                  23
mag   flux bin freq  phot  modes base  rec               filtering         pupils            slopenull   tt   gain  fw1_acq  fw2_acq  fw1_obs  fw2_obs  TVbin  TVfreq  TVavg   TVflux     base and REC for CL centering  Freq
9.4    84150  1  990    85  400   KL_v10 20120601_181313   pureIntegrator    00120531-163320   zero        3    0.1    0         0        0        0      16     4.3     20        2400     KL_v10   20120602_233509    100
Columns 0->20 are parameters used for full closed loop, while columns 21-23 give parameters used during the 10 mode closed loop in the AcquireRef phase when the pupils are center via camera lens motion.

The reconstructor files are found in:
  • /towerdata/adsec_calib/M2C/<modal basis>/RECs/Rec_<number>.fits
so for the table above, the full reconstructor file is:
  • /towerdata/adsec_calib/M2C/KL_v10/RECs/Rec_20120601_181313.fits
while the 10 mode reconstructor for pupil centering is:
  • /towerdata/adsec_calib/M2C/KL_v10/RECs/Rec_20120602_233509.fits

Each reconstructor FITS file contains a header with lots of informations: the pupils that must be used in the slope computer, the interaction matrix (IM) it was generated from, and a complete snapshot of the WFS unit when the IM was measured.

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