Jupyter per SQL data display


  • Can be accessed at http://soul-telemetry.mountain.lbto.org:8866
  • Renders Jupyter notebooks as interactive web applications. Currently has an app running that allows you to plot variables from the AO telemetry database.
  • If it is not responding, Voila might need to be restarted:
    • connect to soul-telemetry: ssh ao@soul-telemetry.mountain.lbto.org
    • look for voila processes: ps ax | grep voila
      • the main voila process ID is in the output row that looks like this (the first number is the PID):
        • 13988 pts/2 Sl 0:19 /usr/bin/python3 /usr/local/bin/voila SOUL-STATS-Panel.ipynb
    • kill main volia process (the spawned ones will be killed automatically: kill -9 13988
    • restart voila:

Connecting from outside the LBTO VPN:

  • The following is not needed if you are on the LBTO VPN.
  • Local PC: ssh-keygen (se non esiste ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub)
  • check file: file ~/.ssh/config . The right user is shown in the third row (bold).
host lbto
HostName ssh.lbto.org
User frossi
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
host soul-telemetry
HostName soul-telemetry.mountain.lbto.org
User ao
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
ProxyCommand ssh lbto nc %h %p 
When using the classical Jupyter Notebook
When using the Voila to render the notebook as a web application:
  • open redirect on local terminal: ssh -N -f -L localhost:8081:localhost:8866 soul-telemetry
  • open a browser on your local machine at the url: localhost:8081

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 01 Jun 2023
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