Install TCS Software

Needed TCS Packages

Download Software

Download TCS .tgz files to /home/dlmiller/tcs/tools from

  • tcs_devel-1.4.tgz
  • tcs_runtime-1.1.tgz
  • telemetry-r5.centos5.tgz
  • tools-1.1.tgz

Install TCS Packages

At a root prompt:

% cd /

% rm -fr lbt

% tar -xvzf ".tgz packages listed above" -C /

% ldconfig

The ldconfig command adds TCS libraries (see /etc/ to those that are automatically linked.

Install TCS

Checkout TCS source from svn

% cd

% mkdir tcs

% cd tcs

% svn co b24
      Authentication realm:  LDAP
      Password for 'tcs':   (press carriage return so prompted for user name)
      Authentication realm:  LDAP
      Username: dlmiller
      Password for 'dlmiller': 
A    B24/pmc
A    B24/pmc/Motor.cpp
A    B24/pmc/Depends
A    B24/pmc/pmcgui
A    B24/pmc/pmcgui/otherform.ui
A    B24/pmc/pmcgui/hardptform.ui

Compilation without GUI's

% cd tcs/b24

% make RECIPE=nogui

Compilation with GUI's

% cd tcs/b24

% make

Environment Varibles

edit .bashrc in home directory and set:

export LBTCONF_PATH=/home/dlmiller/tcs/b24/lbt.conf
export LBTCONF_LOCALE=testing

or edit .cshrc in the home directory and set:

setenv LBTCONF_PATH /home/dlmiller/tcs/b24/lbt.conf
setenv LBTCONF_LOCALE testing

or copy my full .cshrc for b24

TCS Configuration Data Files

There are files needed by PCS, PSF and PMC. The default location of the files are /home/telescope/TCS/Configuration (this path is set in lbt.conf). If the telescope account does not exist then we must first make the account with "useradd" and turn it on with "usermod -U". We then place the needed files in this account.

Login as user telescope:

% cd /home/telescope

% mkdir TCS

% chmod ugo+rwx TCS

% cd Configuration

% mkdir Configuration

% chmod ugo+rwx Configuration

% cd Configuration

% tar -xvzf /home/dlmiller/tcs/conf_files/tel_config_16jan09.tgz

Logging Debug Information

Turn on the writing of debug information in to /var/log/debug (mainly used by OSS).

% cd /etc

% sudo emacs syslog.conf

Add at the end of the file

# OSS needs this to send extra "debug" information to the file listed  17Jan09 DLM
*.debug /var/log/debug

-- DougMiller - 27 Apr 2009
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