DAY 2: 11 July 2009


How to get the telescope collimationed well enough for AO capture:

Start of night do an ACQUIRE and the ACTIVE on bright star Then presetTelescope ADAPTIVE. AO loop will try to close immediately. If loop fails then IIF will wait awhile and then request closed loop again. Repeat this a certain number of times or length of time then fail.

PresetTelescope Step for AOREADY:

This is a new mode that will sequence all the lower modes (TRACK, GUIDE, ACTIVE) so telescope will be in ACTIVE mode, and a presetAO will be sent to the AOS. The AO system will have its stages in the proper position and be ready to accept a acqureRefAO and startAO. presetTelescope in ADAPTIVE mode may be added later.

How to Close the AO Loop:

A new IIF command will be created that will close the AO loop. This will send AOS a acquireRefAO and startAO request.

Failure during Observation:

In a presetTelescope and offsetPointing IIF request, the IIF will send PCS and PSF to ignore GCS input and listen to AOS before it request the AOS to close loop. If startAO() fails the IIF will inform PCS and PSF to ignore AOS and listen to GCS.

If AO loop opens while observing then AOS will set DD variables and send event. It will not send commands to other subsystems. IIF will monitor the AOS loop closed DD variable and if loop opens then it will send PCS and PSF a messages to ignore the AO data (modal offsets, pointing corrections, etc).

If AO loop is closed manually, the IIF will note the AOClosedLoop flag becomes true and inform the PCS and PSF to ignore GCS info and listen to AOS. This will properly change the mode of the telescope in IIF to ADAPTIVE.

AOS GUI Buttons:

All AO IIF commands in table 1 481f430c, with the exception of StartObs, PresetFlat and PresetAO, should be available on the AOS Gui. Only a presetTelescope would send the three commands listed above

-- DougMiller - 11 Jul 2009
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