Doug's Task List for February 2009

Week 1

  • Send out request for input from user for AOS Gui
  • Arcetri's HexapodCtrl Routines
    • Understand how to run the SW
    • Get CVS version
    • Compile and run under Cent OS 5/VMWare
  • Test OSS Hexapod Control
    • Communication and control tests
    • Upgrades to Secondary Gui
    • Help Paul include software limits
    • Get "new" motion on a sphere equations to Paul
  • TCS
    • Get aoserver fully upgraded to Cent OS 5
    • Install, compile and test run TCS
  • DM672 control software
    • Understand operation of DM672
    • Get CVS version
    • Compile and run under Cent OS 5/VMWare

Doug's Task List for March 2009

Week 2

  • Get "new" motion on a sphere equations from Armando for Paul
  • Get new plc codes for hexapod UMAC and send to Paul
  • IRTC
    • Get information about running IRC at Arcetri
    • Install IRC on Cent OS 5/VMWare
    • Install IRC on aoserver
    • Test control of IRTC with IDL (via IRC)
  • Found the coordinate system of the OSS is rotated 180 degrees around the z-axis relative to Lorenzo's software. After looking into Paul's code, I found he has a factor of (-1) on the X,Y,Rx,Ry terms that are sent to the UMAC (ie rotation of 180 degrees). The OSS coordinate system is consistent with the coordinate system at the telescope. When the telescope is at horizon:
    • +x axis is to left when looking from primary to secondary
    • +y axis is up
    • +z axis points from primary to secondary
  • Need to confirm that this coordinate system is correct. Also, need to decide if UMAC firmware should be changed to be consistent with the telescope coordinate system or if the software (OSS and Lorenzo's) should make the transformation from UMAC coordinates to telescope coordinates. Either way, the coordinate system used in the Solar Tower should be the same as at the Telescope. !!Send Emails!!

-- DougMiller - 04 Mar 2009
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