Puch list of big/small changes in the Soul Operations.

[20220805 JCG].

Monitor script

  • Readnoise script to measure the OCAM time stability. Arcetri performed several RON analysis and measurement. Script available?
  • Elaborate a year check for focus using the interdistance vs modulation technique. Build a procedure.

BCU47 temperature warning

  • BCU47 operation temperature. There is a threshold where the BCU47 temperature is below a threshold ~7C and the camera lens will not work. The power on doesn't show any warning about it. It has been observed in winter time that the WFS is power on and in a short period of time a preset is sent, this preset failed due to temperature of the BCU47. IT#8588.
    • Actions:
    • Understand the temperature threshold and if it can be relaxed.
    • Add a pop up at the end of the operate informing that the BCU47 requires to be in temperature.
  • After the power on the temperature of the OCAM is not in ambient control until the button Ambient is clicked. Can we have the control ambient selected?

OCAM bad frames trigger

  • Startup of the OCAM with the so called "bad frames" that it can bethe triangle feature of just two quadrnats with a different bias. A simple statitical analysis of the images is enough to determine if the frames are ok or not, so after the power on if the bad fframes is detected by the control check the troubleshooting process starts with the power cycle of the bcu2k and restore an ocam setup. this procedure has been used and it worked.

Attach document

  • Optimize gain for Bin3 and Bin4 shows to have a default value of 0.1, so can be the ho2 process skip durig the optimze gain? and set a default 0.1.
  • Process to execute daytime checks in a script sequence of GUI with all the steps. Integrate Soul/LBTI operations. Validation of the checks.


  • AOS Automode close loop. This step should give the option to interact, repeat any step of the AO loop. It is an intervention mode, but without waiting to someone to click the buttons.
  • AOS GUI rebuild/ or build a paralell dashboard to get AO telemetry and performances to help to diagnose the operations of the AO.
  • AOS to show ocam status information and option to put in safe mode. The same funtionality is in WFS Control GUI.
  • using the same bin and loop frequency skip a second background when a second preset with the same configuration is set.(?). It will improve the close loop timing.


  • Gopt.

    The document attached shows two cases; case 1 for Luci_Soul and case 2 for LBTI_Soul.

    The execution of the Apply optical gain when the execution of the process reported an error. See example of the error below:

    |ERR| 687|2021-03-29 03:15:46.198896| MAIN > [AOException] RETRY: Cannot read current optical gain value (-5001) TIMEOUT_ERROR

    image.pngWhat I can understand is that after the optimization gain, the Optical gain is reset to One.

    For the case 1. The wfsarbitrator log triggers this event as WAR and the AOARB shows as ERR. could we establish if it is a WAR or ERR?

    It seems triggered when the button is clicked more than one time, I can see this as a connection issue when we are operating remotely and the GUI lags to updates.

    This is more informative and there other information to follow to know that the Gopt is running, like the Auxloop plots, or just a tail of the log file gopt.L.xxxx


  • Add the SetSafe in a keyword to save in the WFS arbitrator log. Also it could be traced in the DMS.

To establish the AO operations by OSA.

  • To have the OSA to operate the AO during the ECD Nights.


  • To build a single mode of operations; One person 4 two AOWFS.

Optimize Gain.

  • use a lookup table for variable seeing conditions.
Improve the knowledge of AO Operations condtions.
  • Seeing value, seasonal and short term frequencies.


Reduced bandwidth to allow a fast display and to allow other "realtime" displays to be visualize remotely.

System performances ETC.

Import/integrate the Arcetri development into a LBTO page.

Luci instrument Strehl ration and FWHM analysis.

  • Elaborate a mini-pipeline where it can be measured the SR and FWHM of the Lucis images.
  • Visualization of the SR/FWHM for Luci images.

Integration of daytime PSF checks into DMS.

Use the pipeline to reduce the close dome images in the DMS system for easy trace perfomance in time.

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