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Software description

The Anemometermon ($ADOPT_SOURCE/AnemometerMon) is a standard Arcetri AOApp application that connects to the configured anemometer and starts averaging its readings making the results available on the online database.
Most of the code is based on the LBT TCS ENV module, there were though some changes on the initialization and how the loop is executed and the values averaged due to the different framework.
The results are updated every second and written on the database (the vector ANEM.X.SPEED and the modulus ANEM.X.CKSPEED)



In order to use the anemometer reading for the ADSEC there are three related configuration files.

NOTE: To have the changes taken it's necessary to restart the corresponding process.

1. $ADOPT_ROOT/conf/adsec/current/processConf/anemometermon.conf
This is configuration for the anemometer process itself, includes the device IP and port numbers, etc.
Server       string
LogLevel     string     INF
#### network config
Host         string
Port         int        4001
#### rate options
#### "1/4" "1/2" "1" "2" "4" "5" "8" "10" "16" "20" "32"
Rate         string     10
#### misc options
DoSetup      int        1

2. $ADOPT_ROOT/conf/adsec/current/processConf/adsecarb.conf
In this configuration there is a keyword that will tell the adsec arbitrator whether it should read the wind speed from the AOS ENV or the locally read value (i.e. either AOS.AMB.WINDSPEED or ANEM.X.CKSPEED). This very same keyword is also read by the GUI in order to show the correct wind speed.
# Anemomerter wind value source flag
anemometerFromAOS    int  0

3. $ADOPT_ROOT/conf/adsec/current/processConf/processList.conf
Lastly, in order to avoid the anemometer monitor to interfere and connect to the anemometer before the TCS ENV, it was taken out from the processes list, thus in order to have it started automatically after the adsec_start command, it has to be added back to the staged_boot array in this configuration file (NOTE: beware that the array size has to match the items number).
# List of processes to start at boot time, both sides
staged_boot  array
   string 6
    "mirrorctrl pinger masterdiagnostic idlctrl housekeeper fastdiagn"  

IMPORTANT: Please note that these files are kept under configuration control, so any definitive change has to be done also at $ADOPT_SOURCE/conf/adsec/... and then committed into the svn.

-- JavierArgomedo - 18 Oct 2011
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