PISCES Setup Instructions

Startup of IRserver

To startup the PISCES server on the pisces computer:

obs3% ssh -X observer@
               passwd: "Craig's favorite movie with a 5" (on the LBT chalkboard in the control room)

pisces% nohup src/IRserver/testing/IRserver Pisces

Note: The machine name pisces is not yet in the mountain DNS server so the IP address must be used
Note: Output from the IRserver will scroll on the screen and be placed in the file nohup.out in the directory where IRserver was started. You can see the output with the command: tail -f nohup.out

Startup PISCES detector

To startup the PISCES detector you must connect to the PISCES server:

ob3% telnet 9000

> startup Pisces

         Infrared Array Control Software
         Command Line Interface
         Version 2.02, 1 June 2011

         Type ? or help to see a list of commands....

Activate the PISCES detector

To activate the PISCES detector you must connect to the PISCES server:

Pisces> activate
Activate: (general settings) (poweron) ...reading /var/tmp/Pisces.voltages for voltages...
Array is activated

Deactivate the PISCES detector

To activate the PISCES detector you must connect to the PISCES server:

Pisces> deactivate
Deactivate: (poweroff) ...
Array is not activated

PISCES Status Information

Pisces> status

(NOTE: the list of status variable need to be updated  20110905  DLM)

Observing in 'STARE' mode.
Exposure time: (0.2) sec
Number of images: 1
Number of coadds: 1
Number of low noise reads: 1
Filter: H
Object: retroreflector
Filename: (/newdata/pisces.20110604.0006.fits)
Total time: 7 seconds

Shall we begin? Type 'go' to start observing.


Homing the Filter Wheel

When the IRserver is started, the filter wheel position is set to 0 even if the filter is not in the 0 (Home) position. Thus, the after IRserver startup you Must re-home the filter wheel

Pisces> filter 0

The request for filter 0 is in fact a command to home (position 0 is home). All other filter position requests are motions relative to the home position.

Changing Parameters

To change the parameter listed by the observe request, use the commands:

Pisces> exptime 1.0
Pisces> frames 5
Pisces> coadds 3
Pisces> reads 1  (should not change from 1 set of low noise reads)
Pisces> filter 6   (this is H filter)
Pisces> object retroreflector
Pisces> directory /newdata
Pisces> prefix pisces.20110604.
Pisces> index 1


The list of filters are:

# filter encoder#
0 2.14 um 105
1 H2 2.12 um 205
2 open 305
3 dark 405
4 J 505
5 Ks 605
6 H 705
7 Br-g 2.16 um 805
8 [FeII] 1.64 um 905
9 2.086 um 005


The Pisces filter wheel is monitoring using a webcam looking to an encoder meter. To lauch the webcam tool we need:
- ssh -X AOeng@wfsdx
- launch a konqueror and point to the /home/aoacct/webcam.html
- launch the webcam process from /home/aoacct/ file ./webcam.sh

-- DougMiller - 04 Jun 2011
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