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Observer: Guerras,JC,Christou(LBTO),Arcidiacono,C, Boutsia, K, (INAF)
Telescope Operator:Becchetti G
SW Support:
AO Support: Guerra,JC
Telescope Support: JUrban
Instrument Support: Edwards,M


Project_RUN Objects Filter ExpTime Notes
McCarthy   (K, H) + ND 200s, 150sec COMPLETED - the first 100s in Ks might have a slightly worse PSF
Cusano   J 280sec REPEAT - We had to abort the script because when we started dither pattern we were too low in elev and the shell ripped
McCarthy   H2, Br-g 330s, 300sec COMPLETED - sky frames also obtained - Br-g images are close to saturation
Cusano   Ks, H 358s, 353s This target is COMPLETED - for the program is 20%
DDT   H 10min To be repeated on 20131014 - 15min of images but some are with the loop open or poor AO correction - they could be used for sky
Cesaroni   Ks, H2 730s, 1800 The Ks and H2 filtrers are COMPLETED - for the program 70%


01:52 We are ready - pointing correction done - collimation done
  • also a test AO preset done on a nearby AO star AO713
  • loop closed with bin4 - OK

01:54 slew to McCarthy - X1
  • guide star not found - check pointing again

10:59 send preset again - seeing 1.2"-1.3" on the GCS
  • AO failed - when focus position changed
  • repeat preset when shell is set
02:08 preset X1 again

02:20 dither pattern for X1 - Ks - 10s exp
  • seeing on GCS 1.1" - DIMM 1.3"

02:25 dither pattern for X1 - H - 15s exp
  • problems with pisces server - we cannot connect

02:36 we contact DonMcCarthy

02:42 we cancel preset - go to zenith - Elliot goes up to see if everything is on for pisces

02:55 psices seems to be working after Craig's intervention
  • we slew to the same target again

03:04 dither pattern in H band - 15s exptime
  • repeat also K because counts during first dither may be a little low
  • dither pattern in K band - 10s exptime

03:18 slew to CUS_x1 - with ND
  • the shell ripped! - failed during "optimize gain"
  • send preset again
  • seeing GCS: 1.0" - DIMM 1.1"

03:37 the source is too faint for the ND - with 60s in Ks, we get 3000counts
  • cancel preset - telescope to zenith to get the ND out

03:46 we slew to CUS_x1 again with no ND
  • change focus position in the idl for the NON-ND position
  • repeat runao with correct focus positions

04:00 dither pattern short exposures - J/K
  • during the first offset the AO loop opens - skip frames during the offset..

04:08 need to send the preset again...

04:15 start dither pattern JKKJ
  • we are at 30elev
  • the shell ripped beacause we were too low - we only managed to get the J images
  • repeat this target tomorrow
  • some frames obtained outside script (because pisces had to finish the dither pattern) - these could be used for sky subtraction

04:30 slew to x2

04:40 start dither pattern - shell ripped!!!

04:45 send the preset again - runao!

04:47 start dither
  • the ao loop is open - send thd preset again

05:02 send preset again - making dither pattern smaller because it is always failing when it offsets....

05:07 start dither pattern - H2 on source

05:15 start dither pattern - Br-g on source
  • the peak is slightly saturate - 2pixels

05:30 start sky for H2, Br-g, J, H, K, 2.14
  • we obtained sky on more filters in order to obtain short exposures also in those
  • the AO loop open and we don't do the other filters

06:07 slew to M15 - for plate scale calibration and north-south orientation
  • sending an acquire preset because the pointing is off
  • send preset again

06:20 it is difficult to close the loop because the field is overcrowded
  • AO failed
  • need to close loop manually because there are too many stars on the guider

06:34 send preset again
  • run runao alone - trying to close the loop - failed

06:44 send preset again
  • there is no way of closing the AO loop

06:47 slew to Cusano
  • there is only one guide star in the catalog that cannot be acquired due to PA constraints for Pisces
  • we do a track preset
  • still trying presets ACE - TRACK
  • the preset keeps failing

07:10 we slew to FL_Tau
  • problems with the secondary - keeps skipping frames

07:20 preset again FL_Tau

08:10 slew for the XXX target
  • collimate on a nearby star

08:17 set NSIGUI - send the ACE preset
  • the ACE preset failed - we should set an aquire preset

08:20 set NSIGUI - send the ACQUIRE preset
  • the TO centered the source on the guider
  • set NSIGUI again - repeat Acquire preset again
  • failed - the source does not appear on the AO ccd
  • keep trying different methods of centering the source
  • ok now the probe is out of the way - the loop is closed and they will manually set the presets from the AO gui

08:40 start obtaining images after manually offsetting
  • the target is not visible increase exp time to 60s - still nothing

08:50 we see the target now!!!
  • pisces.21031012.10410.fits - .10412.fits OFF
  • pisces.21031012.10413.fits - not correct - discard
  • pisces.21031012.10414.fits - .10416.fits - ON target
  • pisces.21031012.10417.fits - .10419.fits ON target but in different offset positions
  • pisces.21031012.10420.fits - .10422.fits ON target but i
  • pisces.21031012.10423.fits - the loop is open!!

09:11 manually close the AO loop
  • pisces.21031012.10424.fits - .10426.fits - the AO is not very good because the wind is introducing a lot of vibration
  • pisces.21031012.10427.fits - .10428.fits better gain this time - offset position
  • pisces.21031012.10429.fits - the loop is open!!
  • pisces.21031012.10430.fits - .10431,fits - the loop is closed but the AO correction is bad!!
  • we give up on this target since we are facing the wind and the AO correction is really poor

09:50 slew to xx2

10:07 pisces gave error - telnet sais 'connection refused'

10:19 managed to restart the IRserver for pisces
  • pisces is still not working - though it is reachable now
  • JC calls Craig

10:28 send preset again

10:42 skip frame - AO loop is open
  • need to kill and restart AOS - there is no off-loading

10:47 send preset again - AO loop closed
  • centering the target
  • every time we offset the focus position is changing... (???)

10:59 start with the dither pattern Ks/H2/Ks
  • some Ks sky images without correct header
  • dither pattern in the H2

12:51 the AO loop opened - good Ks images until pisces.21031012.10801.fits
  • from pisces.21031012.10802.fits - 10805.fits - are with the loop open

12:53 test the "click and set" procedure to use tomorrow on M15

13:06 start Ks flats - no good - we missed the ramp
  • they start from pisces.21031012.10809.fits

13:26 Ks sky flat...

Cut and Paste of the IDL command line

Observe commands and IDL console in the following:


-- KonstantinaBoutsia - 12 Oct 2013

-- JuanGuerra - 12 Oct 2013
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