Email from Fabio on Jan 26, 2023

Adding on this, it's easier to call the script:

python scripts/
from the :

this will generate the 3 dumps at once, in the day's logs folder, with a TN style name (date_hour), something like:


Fabio Rossi (Arcetri) provided the command necessary to get a DUMP of the OCAM.

The general format is:

BCUread -v initialLocation numberOfLocations MemoryBankName > filename.txt

Following parameters, downloading from 3 different banks (DSP, SRAM, SDRAM):

BCUread -v 0x1020 100 DSP > dumpBCU2Kmode2DSP_NOTOK01.txt*

BCUread -v 0x0000 100 SRAM > dumpBCU2Kmode2SRAM_NOTOK01.txt

BCUread -v 0x0000 100 SDRAM > dumpBCU2Kmode2SDRAM_NOTOK01.txt

The command can be launched from any terminal and it is important to rename the output file with the datetime and the directory where the file will be storage.

email From Fabio Rossi.

Dear all,

one of the actions I have from my side on the "Bad Ocam Frames" topic,

is to provide you with the commands to download BCU2K memory segments.

The following command can be used independently from the fact the badOcamFrames

auxloop is running or not, and independently from the fact that it is detecting an error or not,

so it can be useful to collect this kind of data in a manual way, also when the system is working properly or in a new, unexpected way.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 24 Jan 2023
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