OVMS+ follow-up worksheet

  • OVMS / AdSec interface: RS485, Banana Pi M3 as SBC
    • Confirm only purpose is to bridge Ethernet and Serial ?
    • Could we use Ethernet instead? This would save having an intermediate dedicated node and its 'complications': s/w, config, OS, network, power, new point of failure
    • industrial-grade platform concern? could we use a standard port server instead? is there one in the vicinity of AdSec already?

  • AdSec f/w
    • Missing description of changes happening in ASM, how does OVMS/TT blends with WFS slopes ?
    • 'Exception handling' (bad measurements, out of range, ...) - stopped at the source within OVMS software?
    • Communication pattern presented as Request/Reply for synchronization purpose. How does this solve the issue?
    • Details regarding f/w self-contained upgrade (in consideration of other ongoing work PB upgrade, SOUL, etc.)
    • Do we have the know-how to roll back f/w in-house - if needed?

  • LBTO
    • Development needs on AO software (new configurations, telemetry, user interfaces)?
    • Operator training?

  • Misc
    • S/W involvement to commission the system?
    • Which instrument/WFS for commissioning? subsequent instruments/WFS?

On Mar 20, 2018, at 12:09 PM, Al Conrad  wrote:

Dear Meeting Attendees -

Here are my notes form the meeting.

Look OK?



Attendees: Pedro, Mathieu, Al, Guido, John, Kelle, Alessandro, Christian, Martin, Phil, Pescartem, J\xF6rg-Uwe, Robe
	\x95 We reviewed the proposal:
		\x95 30% Strehl improvement (see figure 7)
		\x95 Cost - 30K euro (see page 7)
		\x95 Schedule \x96 3 months; could start immediately
	\x95 Discussion - We covered 4 topics, all of which require some follow-up prior to our next meeting: 11-Apr-2018 at 9:00 MST / 1800 CET
		\x95 Method for Ethernet-to-Serial conversion (e.g., Raspberry Pie)
			\x95 For follow up discussion:  Mathieu, Roberto, Guido, Martin, J\xF6rg-Uwe, John, others.
		\x95 Synchronization, latency, jitter, differing loop rate, etc.
			\x95 For follow-up discussion: Guido, Roberto, John, Phil, Mathieu, others.
		\x95 Operational risk:
			\x95 What is the extent of the software change?
			\x95 Is the risk to LBTO operations negligible?
			\x95 What is the impact on LBTO staff and required day-time on the telescope?
			\x95 Which AO system will be 1st?
			\x95 For follow-up discussion: Mathieu, Roberto, J\xF6rg-Uwe, Xianyu, Martin, Al, others
		\x95 Question to LBTO:  If, and if so, when we will implement.
			\x95 Requires internal discussion and ultimately a decision from the director.
			\x95 For follow-up discussion:  Al, others
		\x95 If one of those listed for each of these 4 could please initiate discussion and/or provide a write-up before 11-April that will help move the project along.

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