It has been observed during night time that the offset back to the hot spot sometimes shows to be a bit off, not all pupil illuminated and the resume commands should bring the star to the center and four pupils illuminated. During those failure resume, the command is interrupted by skip frames.

To test at different rotation angle a misaligment of the pupils and resume the AO loop. also this is valid to test the pause 9gain zero0 and resume ramp gain.

This test do not check for the bayside stage OffsetXY precisions, it is only to analysed the responds of the WFS to that off positions.


  • Pause (gain zwero)
  • Move the bayside stage ( x or Y axis) to place the star out of hot spot.
  • Resume


  • Argos cal unit deployed.
  • WFS setup bin1.
  • LFBG rotations: 360,340,330,300,270,240,210,180,150,120,90,60,30,0


Save TN during the transitions of the gain zero to ramp gain.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 19 Mar 2022
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