The loop is closed and an event triggers an open loop. The star still in the pupils and the operator tries to use the FLAO gui to reclose. The reclose loop shows to have sikp frames and loop open again. To remember that when the loop opens tha guider takes care and drag the star, if this type of sequence persist do the recover.


  • If Reclose loop doesn't work giving an open loop due to skip frames.
  • Open loop guider . Ask OSA.
  • Set TT gains to 0.1
  • Close loop from WFSControlGui.
  • Observe that the pupils are illuminated, increase the TT gains 0.5 and apply 0.1 to HO1.
  • Observe that loop is stable. The pupils should be illuminated and not skip frames
  • Open loop from WFScontrolGui.
  • Reclose Loop from FLAO.
  • Restore the gains before the Open loop event.

It is important to syn the AOArbitrator to allow the instrument to send offsets.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 20 Dec 2023
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