AO SDT on 10 November 2011

Observer(s):C. Arcidiacono, F. Manucci, J. Argamedo, E. Pinna, A.Skemer,JC. Guerra (LBTO)

Telescope Operator: G. (LBTO)

SW Support: T. Sargent (Tucson)

Telescope Support: J. Urban (LBTO)

Instrument Support: J. (LBTO)


Open dome 4:20 Taking sky flat 2.14,Brgm,H2,JHKs.

Wind going up, gust around 20m/s


Succesive RIP of the secondary. The first RIP is associated to losing the anemometer reading the TSS was enabling. After a few seconds we can see wind speed reading and the TSS is disabled and the shell is set without any problems. After the shell is set we have this three continous RIP: Times: 00:51:13, 00:55, 01:15. from the scrolling log we have something like: BCU voltage VCCP 9.7

It is not clear the recover procedure; we power off the shell and restart the software and the shell RIP, at some point the shell is set without any problem.(?)

* 2:13 preset,OBJECT=HR8799,MODE=ace,GS=4,RS=0,PA=0 Failed RIP the shell, we los the anemomenter reading. Recover failure ok Resend the preset ok. ADI technique.

*2:20 preset,OBJECT=HR8799,MODE=ace,GS=4,RS=0,PA=0 preset failure due to time out on the W-stages. Resend the preset. * 2:22 preset,OBJECT=HR8799,MODE=ace,GS=4,RS=0,PA=0

*2:35 RIP the shell, the anemomenter reading is lost for a few seconds but the TSS remains ready. After Abandon this object, the bad seeing (1.5") and the wind speed force to change the star.

*2:50 preset, OBJECT=V407_Cyg, MODE=ace, GS=6, RS=0, PA=73. Preset failed. it difficult to close the loop, the gain is too high. This can be due that the object is an extended object.

*3:14 preset, OBJECT=V407_Cyg, MODE=ace, GS=6, RS=0, PA=73.

Open the loop, secondary start to sky and open the loop. This is due to changing the seeing too fast and the WFS didn't send the correct corrections. Try to close the loop and it was uncessful. Forced to change star.

*3:30 preset, OBJECT=IC, MODE=ace, GS=33, RS=0, PA=180

Wrong preset coordinates, change the coordinates and wind speed going up.
Close dome due to high wind.

Open 11:54. Wind drops below 20.

*11:54 preset, OBJECT=VY_CMa,MODE=ace, GS=10, RS=0, PA=-1.

problems to close the loop, the AO system failed during the autogain procedure, we are observing at 30 degrees and wqe can see that we start the autogain started with a tilt of 7um

*12:26 preset, OBJECT=QSO0848, MODE=ace, GS=4, RS=1, PA=-150


Resend the same preset. change guide star and position angle. preset, OBJECT=QSO0848, MODE=ace, GS=8, RS=1, PA=0

Preset failed. bad seeing and it wasn't possible to collimate.

1:00 preset, OBJECT=FS_125, MODE=ace, GS=1, RS=0, PA=0. spiral search to find the guide star.

Thu Nov 10 13:06:37.921 2011 aos.error - LOST COMMUNICATION WITH SLOPE COMPUTER Thu Nov 10 13:06:37.938 2011 aos.error - Trying update of undefined variable: AOARB.R.MSGLEV Thu Nov 10 13:06:37.957 2011 aos.error - Stopping AdSec

W-unit is restarted. Not time to do something else.

Taking sky flats: long H band.

-- JuanGuerra - 10 Nov 2011
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