AO SDT on 09 November 2011 UT

Observer(s):C. Arcidiacono, F. Manucci, J. Argamedo, E. Pinna, A.Skemer,JC. Guerra (LBTO)

Telescope Operator: G. Bechetti (LBTO)

SW Support: T. Sargent (Tucson)

Telescope Support: J. Urban (LBTO)

Instrument Support: D. Officer (LBTO)


Checking the telescope condition , not ice on the roof a green light to open the shutter.
Taking sky flat JHKs.
non-phtometric night.

Observing SDT targets with a good close loop performances.


Open to run sky flats. JHKs. time 23:37

Pointing and collimaiton of the telescope , takes long to collimate. Pointing readjusted.

Thin clouds passing over.

* preset, OBJECT=BS9188, MODE=active, GS=3, RS=0, PA=-125 Clouds around. Change star.

* preset,OBJECT=HR8799,MODE=active,GS=0,RS=0,PA=-45

This requires a special set up of the observing mode. The rotator has to be move to the position x=0 y=420 (this position is home for the guider probe) .


Finished. And Move to zenith to switch off the three houses.

Open the loop and the secondary TSS was enable : time:04:08

* 4:55. preset, OBJECT=Hubble_12, MODE=ace, GS=7, RS=0, PA=128. ok dither.

* 6:50 preset,OBJECT=HD_15115,MODE=active,GS=1,RS=0,PA=-20 ADI.

Secondary RIP, 6:44 during a close loop.

Secondary recover success and we can going forward with the observation. DIMM:0.7"

Secondary rip during during the close loop. time:7:50

* 9:02 preset,OBJECT=GG_Tau,MODE=ace,GS=8,RS=0,PA=-90

*10:20 preset,OBJECT=HBC_388,MODE=ace,GS=4,RS=0,PA=-90.

The first preset failed due to bad guide star collimation, the image of the guid star was too defocused, it was necessary to go a bright star nearby to do collimation and pointing.

*10:42 preset, OBJECT=QSO0751, MODE=ace, GS=4, RS=1, PA=-164.

BCU39 failure during the close loop, recover the bcu39 and close the loop, takes time to close the loop. The observe script stop reporting a fail. The close loop is close from the AOS and we can recover the observing script, without doing a new preset.

*12:31 preset, OBJECT=QSO0751_psf, MODE=ace, GS=18, RS=1, PA=106 The secondary RIP, due that the system wasn't offloading. The reason could be that we are closing a loop offaxis?

*12:50 resent preset, OBJECT=QSO0751_psf, MODE=ace, GS=4, RS=1, PA=106

Morning Sky flats: Brg,FeII,Ks. Time close:2:21

-- JuanGuerra - 08 Nov 2011
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