Tuesday, March 10th, 2009: Doug's Work Log

  • Runa and Marco mounted the Hexapod controller and electronics in the rack in the top of the Solar Tower and cabled the hexapod and DM672a
  • Powered on and checked the operations of DM672a
  • Four capacitive sensors were not reading on the outer edge of the DM. Armando suggests that it is problem with some ribbon cables that had to be manufactured a bit crooked in order to fit around some cooling system fittings. When they were checking for clearances in that region they probably moved these cables a bit. Armando has seen this problem before with four capacitive sensors on the other side of the DM, but with the same crooked ribbon connectors. After about an hour, the capacitive sensors began to operated. They have operated ever since. I need to get info from Armando and Marco and make an IssueTrak.
  • We spent the afternoon aligning the 4D Interferometer to the retro-reflector. This required a "sort-of" flat mirror (used the one measured in November) to get hexapod in the correct position.
  • Marco checked the orientation of hexapod motion relative to the interferometer so he could use a routine built and calibrated in November could be used to semi-automatically move the hexapod to remove Tip/Tilt/Focus/Coma.

-- DougMiller - 14 Mar 2009
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