Thursday, March 4rd, 2009: Doug's Work Log

  • In the morning Marco, Runa and I set the offset of the hexapod and dummy hub with respect to the top flange of the Solar Tower such that the retro-reflector will be on a normal line from the center of the lower flange. The lower (and upper, in fact) flanges are not exactly horizontal, and could be made horizontal by changing the setting of the upper bumpers, but this introduce even more offset and tilt to the upper flange (I think). Monday (I think) we had measured the offset of the retro-reflector by dropping a plumb-bob down the Solar Tower. This morning we offset the hexapod the by the required amount, or at least we thought we did. However we calculated the difference between the edge of the flange to the hexapod and thus had only moved the hexapod by half the distance we needed. Luckily Armando checked our distance and pointed out our error. We had to move the hexapod, but after learning how the setup worked, this motion took 1/3 the time (about and hour).
  • AO Monthly meeting for 2.5 hours are 4:00 pm
  • I went home, but Marco, Runa and Armando moved DM672a from the clean room to the lab so it would be ready to mount in the morning

-- DougMiller - 09 Mar 2009
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