Install the IRC/IRS

Checkout IRC/IRS source from the LBTO svn

% cd tcs/irtc

% svn checkout v2.0
A    irtc/
A    irtc/configure
A    irtc/
A    irtc/TODO
A    irtc/config
A    irtc/config/mkinstalldirs
A    irtc/config/m4
A    irtc/config/m4/ice.m4

Required Software Packages

% cd tcs/irtc

% more README

Installing DirtI

What you need to run DirtI

  - Ice runtimes and developer kits for C++ mapping (version 3.2.1-1)
  - Libtool (at least version 1.5.6)
  - cfitsio (version 3.060 -  
  - Optional (XPA Tools and SAOImage ds9 -
  - iif/ice. Get and copy and into src/Client

*Note* Need to add doxygen as a prerequisite as the "make" fails before complete if its not installed


Installation Instructions included in [[][Cent OS Instructions]]


Installed with the standard CentOS installation


Download the cfitsio source from by clicking Unix .tar file under "Complete V3.140"

% cd programs

% mv ~/Desktop/cfitsio3140.tar.gz .

% tar -xvzf cfitsio3140.tar.gz

% cd cfitsio

% ./configure --prefix=/usr/local

% make

% sudo make install


Download the XPA source from by clicking ".gzip" under "Download...via FTP"

% cd programs

% mv ~/Desktop/xpa-2.1.8.tar.gz .

% tar -xvzf xpa-2.1.8.tar.gz

% cd xpa-2.1.8

% ./configure

% make

% sudo make install


Download the ds9 binary from by clicking "Linux" under "DS9 Version 5.6 Binaries"

% cd programs

% mv ~/Desktop/ds9.linux.5.6.tar.gz .

% tar -xvzf ds9.linux.5.6.tar.gz

% sudo mv ds9 /usr/local/bin/.

IIF/ICE files

% cd tcs/irtc/src/Client

% cp ~/tcs/b24/iif/ice/ .

% cp ~/tcs/b24/iif/ice/ .

Compile IRC/IRS

% cd tcs/irtc

% make -f Makefile.cvs

% ./configure

% make

*Note* The make outputs a lot of extra stuff. I would prefer that the loops and branches in the Makefiles were not printed to stdout (pretend @ to lines in Makefile). The make also outputs info when a directory is changed. I would prefer that this also be turned off (use "make -C $$i --no-print-directory")

*Note* lyx is not installed, nor available via yum, under Cent OS 5.3. IRC/IRS still compiles.

% sudo make install

Environment Variables

edit .bashrc in home directory and set:

export IRS_CONFIG=/usr/local/share/etc/config.server
export IRC_CONFIG=/usr/local/share/etc/config.client

or edit .cshrc in the home directory and set:

setenv IRS_CONFIG /usr/local/share/etc/config.server
setenv IRC_CONFIG /usr/local/share/etc/config.client


As root, add irs and iif to localhost list:

% emacs /etc/hosts		localhost.localdomain localhost irs iif

-- DougMiller - 27 Apr 2009
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