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The IRTC in the Right Front Bent Gregorian (RFBG) is called IRTC2.

The access to the IRTC camera is done via a remote desktop. Open xterm from obs# computers. The command to lauch to connect to the IRTC computer is startirtc2

user:testcamera. The password can be asked to Doug Miller, Juan Carlos or John Hill.


Launch GUI

Launch the IRTC GUI clicking on icon IRTC GUI


The Engineering panel is launch from the tag Device:


Basic commands

Screenshot_IRTC2_2_field.png to change the FOV from large to small. The Eguinering GUI shows the movements of the optics and where is going to end.

Screenshot_IRTC2_2_filter.png to change the filers to: J, H or empty.

Screenshot_IRTC2_2_exp.png to change the setting of the exposure time (DSLR icon) and the frequency rate (Video icon). If the video icon is active the camera will be continous framing.

Screenshot_IRTC2_2_temp.png To setup the temperature range. The box enabled has to be checked. During the IRTC+FLAO test the value was set to 245K.

Screenshot_IRTC2_2_roi.png To set up a ROI.
I Attachment Action Size Date Who Comment
Screenshot_FOV.pngpng Screenshot_FOV.png manage 18 K 03 Nov 2014 - 00:51 JuanCarlosGuerra Eng_gui
Screenshot_IRTC2_2.pngpng Screenshot_IRTC2_2.png manage 32 K 02 Nov 2014 - 20:22 JuanCarlosGuerra irtc2_control
Screenshot_IRTC2_2_exp.pngpng Screenshot_IRTC2_2_exp.png manage 2 K 03 Nov 2014 - 00:55 JuanCarlosGuerra exptime
Screenshot_IRTC2_2_field.pngpng Screenshot_IRTC2_2_field.png manage 478 bytes 03 Nov 2014 - 00:48 JuanCarlosGuerra field
Screenshot_IRTC2_2_filter.pngpng Screenshot_IRTC2_2_filter.png manage 542 bytes 03 Nov 2014 - 00:54 JuanCarlosGuerra filter
Screenshot_IRTC2_2_roi.pngpng Screenshot_IRTC2_2_roi.png manage 1 K 03 Nov 2014 - 01:05 JuanCarlosGuerra roi
Screenshot_IRTC2_2_temp.pngpng Screenshot_IRTC2_2_temp.png manage 640 bytes 03 Nov 2014 - 00:58 JuanCarlosGuerra temperature
Screenshot_irtc2_desktop.pngpng Screenshot_irtc2_desktop.png manage 26 K 02 Nov 2014 - 20:17 JuanCarlosGuerra  
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