How to operate the ARGOS Calibration Light Sources

1) From any obs computer, login into DX-LALAS via vnc (you will need a password):

2) Open firefox inside the dx-lalas vnc console and then go to the following page (should be available in the bookmarks list as "ARGOS Monit"):

3) Go to the bottom of the page and check that the status of DX.CAL.WHITE_LIGHT_SOURCE.BASDARD is "Running". If not, press START. (see screenshot)

4) Open the "DX_WhiteLightSource" GUI by double-clicking on the following icon: DX_CAL_Whitelight_source_gui (see screenshot).

5) Check that the "connection" indicator in the GUI (top-right corner) is green. If it is red it means that the unit is powered off. To turn it on:
  • Open the Engineering GUI by double-clicking on the following icon: Start_DX_LAS_lab_engineering_GUI (see screenshot).
  • Click on the "Remote Power Control" tab.
  • Click ON for "CRE DX SX Devices" and "CRE DX SX Rack Cooling".

6) Usage of the "DX_WhiteLightSource" GUI :
  • "Turn Lamp ON" and "Turn Lamp OFF" are self-explanatory.
  • "Open shutter fully" for maximum brightness.
  • "Close shutter fully" for zero brightness.
  • Don't mind the "over-current" error. It is a "feature".

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