SOUL SX-LBTI Acceptance Review follow up items:

  1. Progress resolving the "OCAM Issue" (i.e., the faults itemized in this spreadsheet). This is the responsibility of the SOUL team working with Microgate. Substantial progress is expected before the LBTI-DX acceptance review (first quarter 2023).
  2. Work with LBTO to measure the Strehl ratio at H-band on LMIRCam. This includes:
    1. Addressing image acquisition and transfer.
    2. Addressing image analysis in Elab.
    3. Better understand the potential difference between modal Strehl and instrument Strehl.
  3. Add a plot in the report of Strehl ratio versus seeing.
  4. Review the operational constraints of running the AO system (SOUL team / LBTO).
    1. Seeing
    2. Wind
    3. Variability
  5. Work with LBTO to perform flux calibration on sky in 2023A.
  6. Produce the reconstructor that is blinded to subapertures outside the effective diameter of the pupil.
  7. Assist the LBT software team in providing the slow telemetry feed.
  8. Further investigate the source of noise in the pupil interdistance measurement.
  9. Implement the set-safe bug fix and test.
  10. Work with the SHARK-VIS team to provide Strehl ratio plots at visible wavelengths.

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