-- XianyuZhang - 13 Feb 2023

2023-02-13 - Fix for IT 8830 (Enable RR mode disables when the AO preset is completed)

  • People: Xianyu, Juan Carlos
  • Scripts used: new_disable_rr_mode.sh and new_enable_rr_mode.sh
  • Software versions used for test:
    • dxadsec: /home/aoeng/soul/checkout
    • soul-dxwfs: stable
  • Software version after test:
    • dxadsec:/home/aoeng/soul/checkout/
    • soul-dxwfs: stable


Currently the RR mode is disables after the AO preset is completed, the AO operators (Juan Carlos and Jenny) want to keep the RR mode enabled/disabled until the RR mode is commanded to be changed (excpet the restart of AOArbitrator makes the RR mode as disabled).

Code changed

Please see the change in at GitHub. Since the change is to add read in aoarbitrator.py, so the current softare version is used.
And we also tested another solution, i.e., two new commands are created (new_disable_rr_mode.sh and new_enable_rr_mode.sh).

Test and Results

A normal prestAO is planned, and the test plan steps and results are available in the google sheets, see link.
The simple aoarbitrator.py change fixes the issue; and the new_disable_rr_mode.sh and new_enable_rr_mode.sh are not needed and do not fix the issue, so removed from the commit.
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