Login to AdSec computer and start top level GUI

obs2 % ssh AOeng@adsecdx        (or adsecsx)
    => Enter PW
[AOeng@adsecdx ~]$ adsceng &   (see _adsceng GUI_ image)

  • Start AdSec Control GUI by clicking "AdSec Control GUI" button on adsceng GUI.
    • See AdSec Ctrl GUI Rested image.
    • Note the AdSec Arbitrator Status is Ready.
  • Start AdSec Mirror GUI by clicking "AdSec Mirror GUI" button on adsceng GUI.
    • See AdSec Mirror GUI image.
  • Set the mirror by clicking "SetFlatAO" on AdSec Control GUI.
    • "SetFlatAO" button is 1/4th the way down the left side of the GUI.
    • This will take a couple of minutes.
    • Note the AdSec Arbitrator Status will change to AOSet.
    • You will have to click the "optimize limits" buttons for Position (red button) and Current (green button) on the AdSec Mirror GUI
  • Turn off Astigmatism LUT by clicking Disable.
    • When enabled, the entry field will be Yellow and lists ENABLED or Green and lists ACTIVE
    • This button is under the Shape Control Tab, about in the middle
    • This will stop most of the log output at the bottom of the AdSec Control GUI and make it easier to see if there are any error reported
    • When disabled, the entry field will be Gray and lists DISABLED
  • Load a reconstructor by clicking the folder button to the right of the Rec Matrix entry field and then Apply
    • The folder button is under the Reconstructor Control Tab.
    • Chose a Rec*.fits file. Rec_20091223_171542.fits will work.
    • When Apply is pressed, a message box will likely popup that says something about the Pupil Positions are not Correct. This is not important for this test. Click OK or Continue
    • See Recon Choose image.
  • Set the loop gain to 0.0 by clicking the "Set zero gain".
    • This button is half way down on the Shape Control Tab.
    • Note in the Gain Vector area of the Shape Control Tab the Current gain file should be listed as gain0.fits
  • Set the Focal Station to bentGregorianBack" in the drop down menu and click the "Apply" button.
    • This drop down menu and "Apply" button are under the Focal Station Tab.
    • Once the focal station has been set, the Focal Station label on the upper right of the "AdSec Control GUI" should change from NULL to bentGregorianBack"

The AdSec is now ready to receive slope.

Run the communication test

  • Check the WFSFrameCounter value on the AdSec Mirror GUI.
    • It should be 0 after a startup.
    • It may be some other value if slopes had previously been received.
  • Turn on WFS Slopes at the WUnit
  • See if WFSCFrameCounter on the AdSec Ctrl changed value
  • The WFSFrameCounter should increment at the rate of the slopes being sent, about 1000 per second

The Communication between the WUnit and AdSec is now complete

Finish test

  • Rest the mirror by clicking "Rest" on AdSec Control GUI.
    • "Rest" button is 1/3th the way down the left side of the AdSec Control GUI
    • Note the AdSec Arbitrator Status should change to Ready.

GUI Images

  • adsceng GUI:

  • AdSec Ctrl GUI Rested:

  • Mirror GUI Initial:

  • AdSec Ctrl GUI Set:

  • AdSec Ctrl GUI Recon:

  • Recon Chooser GUI:

  • AdSec Ctrl GUI Focal Station:

  • Mirror GUI After Test:

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