;+& 20151106_233019 &-;; DATE OF FIRST USE

; 01 Dec 2004, AR
;   re-arranged to use it together with the new wave.txt configuration file
; Feb 2005 D.Zanotti (DZ)
;   new rtr parameter.
n_crates      int    6   ;number of crates for control electronics
n_bcu        int    6   ;number of communication boards accessed by diagnostic communication
n_board_per_bcu   int   14   ;number of DSP boards per communication board (BCU) for diagnostic communication
n_dsp_per_board   int    2   ;number of DSPs per DSP board
n_act_per_dsp    int    4   ;number of actuators per DSP
dummy_act      array      ;dummy actuators (existing DSP channel without real actuators, [-2]=none)
int 1

act_wo_curr array ; ACTUATORS THAT CANNOT APPLY FORCE . BUG: leave this list with at least 2 elements
   int 2
   476 539
act_wo_pos array ;ACTUATORS THAT CANNOT READ POSITIONS BUG: leave this list with at least 2 elements
   int 21
   2 14 32 165 373 451 476 511 539 578
   409 501 541 654 436 437 438 439 1 385
act_wo_icc array ;ACTUATORS THAT ARE SLIGHTLY WANDERING BUG: leave this list with at least 2 elements
   int 2
   476 539
act_w_ffb_on_flat array; ACTUATORS WITHOUT FEEDFORWARD CONTRIBUTION ON SET ( used only for TS1 safety)
   int 1
nominal_gap     float 70e-6        ;[pcounts] nominal working gap UNUSED
weight_curr     float 64e-3        ;[ccounts] abs(force) to support the weight per actuator at nominal working gap NOMINAL WEIGHT PER ACT
pos_sat_force    float 0.8         ;[fu] POSITIVE SATURATION FORCE
neg_sat_force    float -0.8        ;[fu] NEGATIVE SATURATION FORCE
err_smoothed_step float 1e-4        ;step of the err_loop_gain during DSP internal gain smoothing
speed_smoothed_step float 1e-4        ;step of the speed_loop_gain during DSP internal gain smoothing
secure_factor    float 1.5         ;pure number used in all operations that need the thin shell crushed on the ref. plate
time_secure_factor float 1.5         ;pure number used in all operations that need a delay time to wait in normal operations
capsens_vmax    float 20.0        ;max voltage converted by capsens ADC
fu_str       string "N"         ;String addressing the out_dac_chx units (force internal units)
lu_str       string "m"         ;String addressing the dist units (length internal units)
dac_bits      int   16         ;number of bits of current driver DACs
adc_bits      int   16         ;number of bits of capsens ADCs
offset_delta_pos float 0.0         ;offset to be added at delta_pos in the DSP memory
max_seq_samples   ulong 16384        ;max number of samples in the time sequences
max_dec_val     ulong 10000        ;maximum decimation value
preshaper_len    ulong 16384        ;preshaper length for cmd/curr
; hardware definitions for signal reference wave generation
clock_freq     double 60.71428571d6    ;[Hz] frequncy clock of status machine
wave_dac_bits    int   9          ;number of DAC bits for reference wave generation
wave_max_ptv    double 10d0        ;[V] maximum peak-to-valley available for reference wave
min_ADC_samp_len double 65.88235294582699270d-9 ;[s] minimum temporal length of ADC sample
max_ADC_samp_len double 691.7647059311834101d-9 ;[s] maximum temporal length of ADC sample
wc_comp_time        double 2.5d-6 ;[s] end of computation time from main interrupt (worst case)
dsp2dac_transfer_time double 1.29d-6 ;[s] transfer time of dac data (dsp-spi-dac)
wave_settling      double 1.1d-6   ;[s] time of settling of the reference square wave
dac_settling        double 0.5d-6 ;[s] settling time of DAC
adc_acq_time      double 3.2d-6    ;[s] total acquisition time of ADC
wave_clock_decimation int 2        ; number of master clock for wave decimation
DSP_clock_decimation int 4        ;number of master clock for dsp decimation
; mirror set default limits
max_amp_pos       float 100e-09 ;[lu] maximum amplitude of position to apply
max_amp_pos_ramp     float 340e-09 ;[lu] maximum amplitude of position to apply in ramp_gain
max_amp_pos_tilt     float 34e-07 ;[lu] maximum amplitude of position to apply in remove_tilt
max_delta_curr      float 4e-2 ;[fu] maximum allowed delta current for step in ramp_gain
max_gain_step      float 10e3 ;[N/m] maximum delta gain allowed in a single step
min_gain_step      float 100.0 ;[N/m] minimum delta gain allowed in a single step
max_curr_tospread    float 0.1   ;[N] maximum current to spread to the bias current of all actuators
thr_perr       float 102e-10 ;[m] threshold of position error
max_iter_integ      int   10    ;maximum number of iteration in integrator
max_curr         float 18e-2 ;[N] maximum current threshold
fact_reduction_curr   float 0.8   ;factor of reduction current in set_isostatic
; configurable steps
ff2bias_step    int    10   ; steps of bias current in order to achieve the ff_current + bias_current total current and no ff_current.
weight_times4peak float   5.0   ;factor to increase the peak of maximum allowable force.
curr_threshold    float   0.35   ;factor to decrase the max_peak_current used for dsp dynamical response to define max current.
max_dyn_peak_pos   float   1.0e-6 ;max position peak performed in the optimized dynamical response.
max_modal_abs_step float   1.0e-6 ;it's the maximum modal position step for dyn response
act_wo_cl_on_set array ACTUATORS KEPT OPEN DURING SHELL SET (used for TS1 safety)
   int 1


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