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    This function permits to easily clear all the memory type.
  The default action is to clear the dsp memory.

    err = clear_mem(first_dsp, last_dsp, dsp_address, data_len,$
                    SET_PM=set_pm, BCU=bcu, SIGGEN=siggen)


  first_dsp:        idl int type scalar.
                    First dsp to clear.
                     If the BCU or SIGGEN keyword is set, in this field there is
                     the BCU number to clear.

  last_dsp :          idl int type scalar.
                    Last dsp to clear.
                     If the BCU or SIGGEN keyword is set, this field is ignored.

  dsp_address:        idl long int type scalar. 
                     Internal DSP address for the clear beginning.

  data_len:         data length of mem to clear.


   err:             long-int scalar. (see adsec_error in


   SET_PM:          if set the dsp_address specify an address of the
                    program memory (PM), instead of the data memory (DM).
                     (must be specified)

                     /* Opcode definition
                           setPM = 0 (OL from IDL) -> DSP MEMORY
                           setPM = 1 (1L from IDL) -> EMPTY MEMORY 
                           setPM = 2 (1L from IDL) -> SDRAM MEMORY 
                           setPM = 3 (1L from IDL) -> SRAM MEMORY 
                           setPM = 4 (1L from IDL) -> FLASH MEMORY */

    BCU:               used to communucate with the bcu board. Cannot be set
                     with SIGGEN keyword.

    SIGGEN:            used to communicate with the Signal Generator board.
                     Cannot be set with the bcu keyword.


   Tue 27 18:07:21 2004, Marco Xompero (MX)
  Osservatorio Astrofisico di Arcetri, ITALY
      04 May 2004, MX
         debugging and variation SIGGEN address: from 0xFE to 0xFC.

-- %USERSIG{MarcoXompero - 2015-11-17}%


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