List of AOS Gui Requirements (Requests?)

Each numbered section is a "Region" of the AOS Gui. The User Settable Parameters could be on a separate window that can be popped-up and popped-down.

  1. Display of Important AO Parameters
    • Loop Gain
    • Loop Rate
    • WFSC Binning
    • Modes Corrected
  2. Display of Modes to Offload
    • Bar to display thee modes (Tip/Tilt, Focus, Coma) offloaded to Secondary Hexapod with marks for:
      • Offload should occur when possible (black)
      • Warning sent to PSF that offload should occur soon (yellow)
      • Request sent to PSF to force immediate offload (red)
    • Display Times:
      • Current time
      • Time of Graph Update
      • Time since last offload
    • Examples:
      • Offload Modes Plot: All OK:
      • Offload Modes Plot: Warning:
      • Offload Modes Plot: Force:
  3. Display of images (listed in high to low priority)
    • Technical Camera images (@ 10 Hz) at all times
    • Adaptive Secondary Actuator Display (@ 10 Hz). Display one at a time (Tabs?).
      • Positions
      • Forces
      • Currents
      • Wavefront Shape
    • WFSC Image or pupil signal (slopes) image (@ 10 Hz)
  4. Graph (function of time in minutes or hours). Display one at a time (Tabs?). Check boxes to display five minute plot, one hour plot or full night plot
    • DIMM
      • r0, tau0 (if available) on same graph
    • Closed loop telemetry
      • r0, tau0 and seeing estimates
      • Estimated Strehl Ratio and running average of total residual wavefront error
      • Instantaneous running average of Zernikes 2 through 11
    • Examples
      • Atmosphere Parameters Estimated from Closed Loop:
      • Strehl Estimated from Closed Loop:
  5. User settable Loop Parameters:
    • Loop Gain
    • Loop Rate
    • WFSC Binning
    • Number of Corrected Modes

-- DougMiller - GuidoBrusa - 04 Feb 2009
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offload_modes_ok.jpgjpg offload_modes_ok.jpg manage 17 K 21 Apr 2009 - 20:42 DougMiller Offload Modes Plot: All OK
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