Information not available in the Adsec control Gui.

The wind information is important for the Adsec safety and when the value is above a threshold or the information is not available the Adsec activates the Thin shell Safety (TSS) when the thin shell is in rest position. The Adsec applies an extra force to keep the it against the reference body. Once the thin shell is moving to set status, the TSS is disabled because the force to hold the thin shell in shape is strong enough.

The wind information can be missed due to moxa issue, process down or aan nemometer hardware problem.

The image below shows the Adsec in power on after an adsc_stop/start. The wind speed information is not available and the TSS is activated.


IT related.

Sequence to check and troubleshoot the loss of wind information.

1.- Restart the anemometer process in the Adsec.

If the information is not back, it could be an issue in the Moxa or the hardware.

To check the Moxa.

2.- connect to the Moxa via web browser. IP:
  • Left menu go to Monitor.
  • Check the information of mode and IP is correct. The mage below shows the right information.
  • Port ->OP Mode
  • TCP Server mode, IP1=

If there is no information.
  • Left menu. go to Save/Restart.
  • Check the monitor for the information.
If information not available.
  • Power cycle the Anemometer using the APC. The instruction below.
  • Instructions

  • Check the Moxa for the information.
If information is not available or not correct. Contact SWG to further investigation and troubleshooting.

If information is correct.
  • Restart the anemometer process in the adsec gui.

The information of the wind should be displayed in the Adsec Control Gui.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 04 Sep 2022
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